Robinhood Gold

A premium collection of powerful, advanced trading features

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The luxury factor on this collection is #YUGE. @RobinHoodApp @thejgr @bprafulkumar @vladtenev
Incredibly disappointing. Have gone from "democratizing stock investing" to democratizing levered speculation, an empirically proven wealth-destroying strategy. Even using cutesy language -- "Gold buying power" -- to make margin trading more palatable to retail investors. "Robinhood". The irony.
@jsandlund I would also say buying individual stocks is probably not something most investors should be doing.
@jsandlund margin trading is like credit card debt, and coupled with fees and taxes on churn they would do better creating real investor education tools
Still waiting for the expansion... This product looks so awesome though
Excited about this! Robinhood got me into the fun of trading, this is only going to make the experience better.
Congrats guys. Love what you're doing.