Robin the Robot

Helps children beat loneliness and isolation in hospitals

#4 Product of the MonthFebruary 2020
Robin is a friendly robot that expresses emotions and builds interactive dialogues with children. By engaging them in play and peer-to-peer conversations, Robin reduces their feeling of loneliness and mitigates their stress during their hospital stay.
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Hey everyone, we've developed Robin- the first "emotionally intelligent" companion to be launched on Product Hunt. Robin helps children undergo medical treatments without feeling stressed or sad. After detecting the child's emotional state, Robin delivers personalized content to make a child happier. Do you want to make Robin happy? Then please share some love for the support.
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Robin is an awesome dude also in pediatric dentistry. My kids love Robin :)
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@ashotarzumanyan thanks Ashot. We are always glad to hear that kids love Robin)
Exciting product! Does Robin understand and recognize emotions? Can you share details on how it expresses emotions?
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@armine_galstyan Thank you for the question. Robin uses AI-based patent-pending technology to build peer-to-peer emotional interactions with children. This technology utilizes reinforcement learning to anchor relevant emotional reactions by analyzing facial expressions and context of conversations. Moreover, this technology enables to provide personalized interaction. In other words, Robin builds follow-up dialogues considering individual features of a particular person.
Robin is the cutest, most calming and charming robot that helps kids get through tough medical procedures. Need Robin for adults too :)
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@lilit_dallakyan Hi Lilit! Thank you for your feedback! We also consider making companion robots for elderly people in the future.
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Such a great idea! Thank you Karén! I was wondering if you have tested Robin in hospitals, what was the reaction?
Hi Mary, thanks for the feedback! Children's reaction was indeed adorable. Due to psychological approach, Robin managed to talk some of them into starting to eat, engaged in funny conversations. As an appreciation Robin got paintings as gifts))