Exciting choose-your-own-story interactive game

#4 Product of the MonthAugust 2019
At once a novel and a game, this choose your own adventure kind of experience will allow you to control every detail of an upcoming heist. Gather a team, develop a plan, choose the path of retreat and do not forget to dream about how to spend the loot.
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I love it. Reminds me of an old Donald Duck comic book I read as a kid, where it directed you to go to different pages based on your choices.
@danie_benedict I read those as well! Poor Donald, things never worked out for him.
@danie_benedict Yes! Or novels like The cave of Time from the Choose your own adventure series.
I would love to hear your thoughts on the app and any additional storylines you would like to see added
Nice! From a usability standpoint, actions/choices could be made a bit easier to distinguish from the actual story text.
@decu Thanks for your suggestion. I'll look into adding a space or two.
@cubesaga You could play with some subtle borders around each answer. By the way, I finished the story — loved it!
@decu Great to hear that! Thanks!
God damn getting past those ads was annoying
@nyjetlife I'll try to reduce some ads in the next update.
@nyjetlife @cubesaga no don't. People want their apps for free then they have to put up with the annoying ads. Maybe offer a no-ads offer in the game if you haven't already.
Great idea and good story but I think it needs some adjustments in terms of playability. Let me elaborate, going back to the very beginning each time is a bit frustrating if you ask me. Because after a point it becomes automatic to get to a point and you just click the option without reading. What I can suggest is that you create some sort of checkpoints where players can go back after losing the game. My second recommendation would be to adjust the in-app prices for each market. For example the prices are so high dor Turkish market. Cheers
@hasangokdag Thank you so much for your feedback. I understand the frustration and I am actually working on it now. I've already made the changes suggested in the android version and will do the same for iphone.