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#2 Product of the DayJune 08, 2018

Hello! is a static web host that "just works" for plain ol' HTML (Jekyll, Hugo, etc.) and React/Angular/Vue.

* secure HTTPS

* fast AWS CDN

* screenshot link unfurls

* SEO reports

* server-side rendering

npm install -g roast

roast deploy

Email just to chat ...or for 3-months free! ($27 off)

❤️Jonathan Otto


Emil Ong
Damon Cali
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Brian Krall
Brian Krall@bkrall · Lead Front-end Developer, Tovala
I've used Roast and it's legit -- solved our exact SEO/open-graph image sharing problem and set-up was super, super simple.
Jonathan Otto
Jonathan OttoMaker@jotto · Software Developer
@bkrall Thank you Brian!
Morten Wibrand
Morten Wibrand@mortenwibrand · Lead dev, Trouble + Mayday Magazine
We are using Roast for three sites build on Vue and WP rest API - probably more to come. It's blazing fast and solves all our headaches with manual SSR and CDN setups 🙌
Jonathan Otto
Jonathan OttoMaker@jotto · Software Developer
@mortenwibrand Thank you Morten! ❤️☕
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
What does screenshot link unfurls mean?
Jonathan Otto
Jonathan OttoMaker@jotto · Software Developer
@orliesaurus When you paste a link to a website in FB/Twitter/Slack/iMessage etc. it shows a preview (also known as unfurl) only if you have open graph tags. If you don't have them, will detect this, take a screenshot of the page, and inject that screenshot for the open graph tags.
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
@jotto oh I didn't know that had a name...i just thought it was called og image preview! Today I Learned..😃
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
@jotto btw I am working on a similar thing for mashing data and DOM rendering and outputting images... Potentially pushing this "unfurling" phenomena further @
Daniel Gustafson
Daniel Gustafson@danieltgustafson
Awesome sauce
Jonathan Otto
Jonathan OttoMaker@jotto · Software Developer
@danieltgustafson Thanks Dan! ☕☕
Hoon Park
Hoon Park@hoonpark
How does this compare to S3 hosting?
Jonathan Otto
Jonathan OttoMaker@jotto · Software Developer
@hoonpark 1. S3 has latency issues when not used with AWS CloudFront 2. so you configure CloudFront, but now you have slow cache invalidation (no cache invalidation necessary with 3. S3/CloudFront do not have atomic deploys so you can't just "update your files" without risking someone seeing broken content 4. has 3 additional cool features: screenshot unfurls, SEO reports, and server-side rendering (pre-rendering)