Road to Scale

300+ curated content items for every stage of your startup

#5 Product of the WeekNovember 27, 2019
Road to Scale is a curated knowledge library with 300+ content items for every stage of your startup journey. From idea 💡to scaling up 🚀
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👋What's up Product Hunt! Today I'm launching a fun project that I've built without code. Using Carrd, Zapier, Airtable, Google Sheets & Gmail. Nowadays there’s a lot of startup related content around the web, but it’s difficult to navigate what to read, watch or listen to. Because in every stage of your startup journey there is different kinds of relevant content you can consume and draw inspiration from. That’s a problem I’ve been wanting to solve :) So today I’m launching Road to Scale 🚀 It’s a curated knowledge library with 300+ content items for every stage of your startup journey. So whether you're just starting out with your idea or scaling like crazy, Road to scale has got your back with insightful, practical and useful knowledge you can apply to your startup. I hope you like it, thanks for checking it out 😎🖖 *add-on* Road to Scale also has a Twitter account ( that tweets 1 of the items from the library via Buffer every day. A Zapier zap then adds 1 new item from the library to the Buffer queue :)
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This is pretty cool. I wonder if you have considered crowdsourcing new resources on thee topics via a submission form like Typeform. Could be a cool way for qualified people to distribute content and for you to source new / non-obvious resources. Edit: found it. :P Very excited for Nocodemvp by the way :)
@avery_schrader I was just typing a reply about the submission button on the top right ;)
Upvoted good sir!!!
It’s a great idea and love that it can all be downloaded. One criticism is that it doesn’t work well on mobile - info on the cards is cut off and I can’t see how to filter (maybe because the info can’t be seen). On safari on iPhone if that helps.
@paul_metcalfe thanks for your feedback Paul! I can't really change how the embedded Airtable database acts on mobile unfortunately - One of the flaws of #NoCode ;)