RIVER Mobile Power Station & Solar Generator

A battery that can charge your laptop 10 times over

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This image here explains how RIVER blew my mind. It can charge my phone while powering a refrigerator.
@kaitlynwitman love that graphic. It cleanly explains the most important points of the product in one place (beside price 😝).You wouldn't think it but if you went to a Target, Walmart, etc somewhere in America,all this info would be concealed behind a number on the packaging.
This looks incredible @hsiebs! What's your plan for sales/distribution? Have you spoken to Tesla about a potential partnership?
@kendallhtucker Thanks! We'll be selling in the US starting in June! Stay tuned for some upcoming announcement about retail partners!
This looks extremely useful for third world countries where there's unreliable energy.
@jon_tavarez yes it is! We are in talks with a few governments about potential partnerships!
This thing looks amazing! I would love to have it for camping, Burning Man, or even just a day at the beach :)
@jennifer_ferguson Thanks Jennifer! Yes, its perfect for outdoor activities, BBQs, music festivals and the like!
Looks amazing! I want to take with me on my roadtrips!!
@sandydiao Thanks Sandy!! RIVER is perfect for your roadtrips!