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Crazy directory where you can search through millions of emails from over 50,000 Brands - it's like http://reallygoodemails.com on steroids, @mrchristison can tell you more!
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First off, SO grateful for the hunt, @bramk! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😌 Hi PH Community! Thrilled to get your feedback on our Rival Explorer Competitive Email Intelligence technology and so happy to launch on Product Hunt! 🚀🎉 Rival Explorer provides Strategic & Creative Inspiration for Email Marketers. Tracking over 50,000 brands and millions of emails, Rival Explorer enables designers and marketers to easily search emails by keywords in Subject Line and/or Email Body Content and even enables viewing of advanced triggers and automation, like Cart Abandonment and/or Welcome Series emails! Here are the highlights: Massive Database ✉️Search for Any Brand 📩Access Millions of Emails 📨Access Over 50,000 Brands 📧Request New Brands 💌Unlimited Searches Advanced Search Filters ✉️Filter by Subject Line Content 📩Filter by Email Body Content 📨Filter by Day of Week 📧Filter by Date Range 💌Filter by Industry Granular Creative and Strategy Research ✉️View Mobile/Tablet/Versions 📩View Emails w/ Images Off 📨View Advanced Sender Stats 📧View Cadence Stats 💌Filter by Industry Powerful Workflow ✉️Save Searches 📩Create Custom Watch Groups 📨Create Custom Category Tags View Advanced Triggers and Automation 📧See Cart Abandonment Emails 💌See Order/Ship Confirmation Emails ✉️See Advanced Triggered Emails 📩See Welcome Series Logic Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Cheers, Andrew Christison 😆
@mrchristison I see the website is not working anymore, any plans on make it work again soon? I loved the service!
Hands down the best email competitive intelligence and inspiration option out there. Love it!
@jcwinter thanks for the Rival love! As a long time user, we take this as an enormous compliment, Justin!
Amazing! Always need inspiration when writing emails and headlines. Finding what already worked is perfect to find inspiration instead of trying to start from scratch.
@johnfrlyon Yay! Glad that you're super excited about our 📧 love! Hope that you get a ton of great use out of it!
Whenever I try to sign-up, no matter what email I use, I get this error message: Can you kindly check?
@robingood Hi Robin, Thank you for the note and sorry to hear you're having difficulty creating an account. This is the first we've heard of this so glad that you brought it to our attention. We use a third party service to validate email addresses to ensure that they are valid. It seems your email is coming back as invalid from the service. If you attempt, again, and are still unable to create an account, shoot me an email from the address you're using with your details to andrew@emailaptitude.com and I'll manually get you setup. ☺️ I promise we'll have you swimming in beautiful emails in no time! 🏊🌊🏊‍♀️ Cheers, Andrew
@mrchristison @emailaptitude Thanks. Please do help me set up as the system does not like anyone of my emails. Use Robin.Good@masternewmedia.org
@robingood Perfect. I'll have you added tomorrow morning, PST, and will make sure that you received the login credentials once completed. Cheers! -Andrew
@robingood Hi Robin! Hope you are having an amazing day! Apologies for the delay. I've been in travel today. We've gone ahead and created an account with your email and emailed the password to you. Hope you enjoy the tool! Cheers, Andrew
@mrchristison I'm having the same trouble as others getting my email address validated during sign up. I just emailed you with my details. Thanks!
Concept's good, the categorisation is not there and lots of repetitive emails, e.g. if you choose Tech Industry.
@babablue Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate your thoughts and we'll dive deeper. We're aiming to continually improve and have many optimizations on the roadmap. We'll be sure to prioritize making the product as seamless and optimal as possible, while tweaking. Please get the most out of it in its current form and check in regularly for updates. Cheers, Andrew