Rise Music

An innovative atlas of music in your pocket.

Rise is a music discovery app based on a new system that gives visibility to all artists, both popular and undiscovered. You can browse artists from all over the world within five levels of increasing popularity, from city to Earth. A small gift to all music explorers and to musicians waiting to be discovered.

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Ciao PH community! 👋😺 We are very happy (and a bit shy) to publish our first creation, a small gift to music lovers and musicians. Rise is an interactive atlas that offers an alternative to the way we know, explore and listen to music from all over the world, while giving all musicians a better chance to be discovered. Today there is a prodigious amount of music out there, but unfortunately smaller artists who deserve more visibility get lost in a sea of music. Also, most music is suggested by complex algorithms that leave the fun of true search&discovery out. We wanted to make active music discovery easy, versatile and visually attractive. We also wanted to give us a way to find all musicians, small and big alike, depending on our musical taste. For these reasons, we have developed a new content mapping system and applied it to music. Artists are distributed among five levels of popularity, from City to Earth and updated every week. Are you looking for local and emerging artists? Pick a city or a region, or check Best of Cities, or Best of Regions. Are you looking for more popular artists? Pick a country, a continent, or Earth, or check Best of Countries and Best of Continents. “Rising” mode brings you a weekly serving of different emerging artists. We hope that this new system will help music lovers explore music and musicians be discovered more easily. We believe that the content mapping system we developed has a broad range of applications and that Rise has potential to improve with new features, better UI and bigger artists database. We would absolutely love to hear any feedback about this concept and any suggestions from you! We are very open to any useful collaboration. We would like to thank you so much for your time! (We would also like to apologise for being new here and have little previous activity in the community🍅). Some of the features: - Stream music directly from Spotify (full songs for premium users) - Hundreds of music Streams from all over the world. - Nearly 100 music genres - One-tap playlists for effortless music discovery - Double-tap gesture to quickly add songs to the queue - Tap&hold gesture to quickly insert a song to the queue - Swipe screen left or right to change popularity level (from City to Region to Country to Continent to Earth) - Search for any place or select it in the top-bar place-picker - Rising, Trending and Most Followed mode - Create your own playlists - Follow places - Access the ten newest and most popular songs for each artist or open their Spotify profile to access their full discography - Help artists rise by following them on Rise or Spotify, by playing them or by simply liking them P.S. Thank you so much PH for featuring us. A very happy day :)
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@fabiodimartino Congrats on launching 🚀 its crazy how discovery is so ruled by algorithms, I hope this gets more independent artists the attention they deserve.
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@abadesi Thank you so much! Very kind of you! This is our goal, to give people a search tool that helps small content creators in many different fields. We start with music as it is one of our passions and a lot of friends who are musicians struggle to get visibility online. We hope this helps :) The app is in its infancy and so we need the help of the music community to help and populate the artists database and improve the app.

The maker Vince is awesome


Ease to use



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Thank you! He is :)
No, Maria, YOU are awesome! Thanks for the props!

A great way of discovering new genres from different places. It very much helps to drill down and get a flavour of new tendencies and artists. I loved the idea of getting to know local groups in my area and connect with friends and make nwe friends. A welcoming and innovative tool!


A welcome contribution to discover and listen to new and emerging artists from all around the world. Easy to use, great design!


None really, waiting for Android version

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Thank you! We'll work to improve the experience :)
Wonderful feedback, thank you!!
Very interesting approach of music discovery. Congrats to all the team, very stable and good looking first version!
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@jaimebosch_ thank you!! Your feedback means a lot considering the quality and technical complexity of the Voicemod platform! Impressive...
Pros: Great way to know music. Earth levels are cool for knowing the best of genres i like. Lower levels surprised me with some unexpected playlists and artists I didn't know at all. The interface makes me wanna keep on searching around the world. Nice work! Haven't seen anything similar out there. Cons: Need to add an app tour and a back button; also sort artists by date would be very nice.
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Lovely feedback, thank you. We are a small team but we're working on all the features you have suggested :) Great advise!