All-you-can-fly, private air travel membership

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Nick Kennedy, CEO of Rise, here. We're honored to be trending here. What questions can I answer for you?
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@knickkennedy How does it work? What are the rules and stipulations of the # of reservations?
@knickkennedy @rrhoover Can you add "M" tag?
@knickkennedy Nick, why don't commercial airlines do this for specific routes? I totally understand the Rise value in a local context I'd happily pay $1k/month to jump on a Virgin America flight from SFO - AUS at any time (based on availability). Currently long distance with my wife, so getting to her more frequently when I have holes in my schedule would be awesome.
@kchau All of our membership levels allow all you can fly but certain levels allow you to hold more reservations. Think Netflix (when we actually used DVD's) ; 1 DVD cost $5.99 3 DVD's cost $8.99. The higher price memberships give you more reservations. Our technology lets you book a new flight in 30 seconds, so as you soon as you land the reservation you used to fly goes back in your queue and you can book another flight. We make it real simple.
@knickkennedy Thanks! Any plan to make this cross country/not just in texas?
SurfAir has been doing this for California. Rise is a little bit less pricey
Flat monthly fee for unlimited air travel on a private plane. It's currently available in Texas only, but I posted this because I think the model is something we haven't seen in this vertical yet. Couldn't Virgin America offer this with commercial flights? Wouldn't something like this "disrupt" the air travel industry...? Discuss :-)!
@uxandrew Didn't JetBlue do something along these lines, maybe still does? It was like 3 months though.
@uxandrew Thank you for the post. We aren't sleeping much these days but having a great time building a great company to serve our members. Let me know when you are in Texas and we'll get you on one of our planes for a ride.
@uxandrew there's definitely some precedent for this type of pricing - at JetBlue and also way back in the day at Southwest. The limiting of the number of reservations at a time sounds interesting and the price point is very attractive for a business traveler. That being said I'm going to be very impressed if this can be financially viable and still offer the amount of flexibility in terms of the frequency of flights that businesspeople expect/need. Landing a few corporate accounts might be enough to get it off the ground, but this is devilishly complex. Best of luck @iflyrise and co! And if you'd like to talk airline yield management, commercial and private, feel free to hit me up at g@hitlistapp.com
@knickkennedy March 13-17 for #SXSW. Would love a ride! Northeast corridor (NYC/DC/BOS) could use a real shakeup.
This seems like a pretty cool service, especially if you're back and forth from Austin to Dallas a ton. Seems reasonably priced. American used to do this for commercial flights, but the pass was $250,000. http://business.time.com/2012/05...
@raydawg88 Private planes are a nice touch here... Imagine this for SF to LA or NYC to Boston/DC/Philly. The model is really solid.
We (i.e., neededition.com) have partnered with Rise to provide top-notch gifts, coffee, literature, and so forth for their members. They're thinking a lot about the user experience. And it's a fantastic team. I have high hopes. (Granted, though, I'm biased.)
@mattalexand If you need some UX help in the Lone Star State let me know :)