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Troy Frever
Troy Frever@troywfrever · VP Development, Ripl
Really cool way to make Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts look great.
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
This just seems super handy. Nice.
Paul Ingalls
Paul Ingalls@paulingalls · Founder & CEO, Ripl Inc.
Hey Hunters, I'm Paul, founder of Ripl. Our vision with Ripl is to fix social media advertising; to make it more effective for brands, more authentic for consumers, and to share the revenue with those creating the value in these networks, the creators. We are doing this by providing a great tool that helps creators to stand out in their social networks. We make it easy to share their own thoughts, or find inspiration from the top trending posts in their topic of interest. They can then share these in visual or animated posts that catch peoples eyes while perusing their social feeds. Ripl also connects these influential creators with brands relevant to them. They can easily pick and share promotions in a personalized way, with their own words and content. The net result is an authentic referral, the best kind of advertisement. Happy to answer any questions. Hope you all enjoy your day!