Fashionable wearables. Rings connected to your phone.

Ringly sells stunning jewelry that makes sure you never miss an important call or text.

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Love the idea. I've missed many important calls/texts because my phone was in a bag in another room...or in a bag on my shoulder, but I just didn't hear it.
@katie_bolin Agreed on all accounts, and my female friends are saying the same thing! Is Spark potentially looking at the Series A? ;-)
I believe this is from former Ebay-er Christina Mercando.
@dshan That is correct! Come on in, @jetpea!
This could be really neat or cheesy. Curious to hear a woman's perspective on it once they share more about the product.
For men as well... Love the concept. I backed the kickstarter NFC ring months ago and it's only for Android (I'm on iOS). We're on update ~30 or so - apparently it's shipping soon.
Will be super useful for notifications. My phone is usually on silent - would be convenient to be aware of calls, texts, etc. passively without having to be distracted from the ringtone, or missing calls in real-time when the phone is on silent.