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Aaron Lim Wei Lun


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Nigel Figueiredo
Nigel Figueiredo@nigelfig · Product Manager
Can you give me a one sentence, on why to use your product vs Twilio?
@nigelfig Sure thing! Thanks for the question, Nigel. In one sentence: Riley allows you to, unlike Twilio, easily create drip campaigns for different types of leads and a dashboard to reply back to them. In more than one sentence: Twilio is a great product, we think, for developers to trigger SMS into their applications workflow. We use them to fire off the texts within Riley as a matter of fact! We have a web and mobile dashboard to make it easier to continue to engage and organize the leads. Is that helpful? Thanks!
Hi ProductHunt family! :) 7 YC applications, a YC batch, huge growth, a raise, high churn, and we're here! The evolution continues. We're posting on ProductHunt today to test a hypothesis: Are small businesses and startups engaging with new and existing customers effectively enough? Are leads and tasks falling through the cracks? The problem that we have noticed is that automated messaging, without human intervention at the right times, gives minimal return. Example: If a lead replies to an email or a text, or calls your company, what is their journey? We're still trying to validate this thing so pumped to get your raw feedback! Our bigger vision is to build tools that will help small businesses and startups to guide their users towards the "happy paths". The road to acquiring them, to activation, to retention, revenue (they gotta pay yo!) and all the way to referral. Cool stat: We use our own product to cold drip SMS 400 real estate agents daily (to get them to use our product) and within the first hour of the text getting sent, we get over 100 replies! Of those, about 30 are interested to use our product (and this required almost no sales effort!). We're now starting to add logic to automatically categorize the replies and rules to auto-respond to certain replies. We also sent SMS to users who did not become "activated" users (AKA never created a campaign). We texted 295 users and +35% responded within the first hour and we were able to get over half of them to become activated that day. How can a small business or startup provide exceptionally personalized touchpoints throughout the customer journey across different "happy paths" as they scale? We're starting with SMS and keeping the product agnostic in terms of which part of the funnel you are looking to optimize for. Giving teams superpowers to handle more customers, at the right times, with less management overhead is a goal of ours. Rather than the linear growth of your sales team, what if one rep could do the work of 10? Rip us apart. Let us know what you think and I'll be 1000% transparent right back. :)
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@danthevc Hi Daniel, Big fan of YC companies :) Do you target only real estate and SaaS companies as of now ?
@shreyaa_ratra Hi Shreyaa! Thanks for the question. As of now, we're candidly still figuring out what industries find the most value of SMS. Our thought is that companies that target consumers (anything from a restaurant to a SAAS company that is in the insurance space) will be potential good fits. However, we have seen a few requests for SMS triggers for reminders to pay, surveys, etc. so still figuring it out. Hoping to use this ProductHunt release to learn as much as we can! Any applications that come to mind?
Kevin Henry
Kevin HenryHiring@kevinleehenry · Founder, Accountable & Bolster
@danthevc I feel like you should already know this, but you should certainly disclose to potential customers that in order to send automated texts like this you are required by law (TCPA) to have written consent opt in to receive text messages. It seems like if you are using it yourself to cold message realtors in a drip campaign as you call it (which sounds automated to me) then you are violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
@kevinleehenry Thanks for the feedback! Will make things more transparent and all the best with your SMS venture as well.
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on
Congrats on the launch, it seems interesting and well executed! Curious to know how you feel about spammers using the platform? Are you guys watching this and removing access if it needs to be?
@guillaumebardet We actually got hit with a spammer in the first few weeks! To mitigate against it, we're getting alerted via slack of each text in a campaign that is going out. This has helped both with reviewing to make sure all campaigns are legitimate but also offer users feedback on how they can improve their campaigns. Not a permanent solution to address spam but since the volume of campaigns daily is still small, this helps for now. Thanks for the question!
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on
@danthevc That sounds like a good solution for now, glad you guys are paying attention to it. Wishing you both the best with this project!
@guillaumebardet Thanks man! If you have any feedback for the site and/or product, I'm all ears. :) Have an awesome rest of the week.
Alexander Smekhov
Alexander Smekhov@asmekhov · Managing Director
Congratulations with the launch, seems like a good product for sms marketing
@bitrewards Thanks, Alexander! Are there any applications or examples of use cases that come to mind for you or others? We're still at the learning stage (though the product is live!). Thanks!
Anna Martirosyan
Anna Martirosyan@anna_martirosyan · -dog lover
Congratulations on the launch! It seems like a great product!
@anna_martirosyan Thank you for the kind words!