Lead qualification as a service

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Thank you Kat for hunting Riley! We have a demo on our site where you can engage with our Concierges to see the experience for yourself. Would love to get your feedback! I'll be checking the page routinely to answer any questions/respond to comments. Thanks!
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@danthevc tell us about the pivot! :)
@bentossell It's been one heck of an evolution, Ben. I'll be posting a detailed response in a bit. :)
@bentossell made a quick video to explain the pivot Ben!
@danthevc nice video on the realities of iteration :), thanks for sharing this
@anderson760 of course! thanks Joe!
I'm a big fan of this product and it seems obvious to me how Riley can expand into so many other verticals
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Good one, do you plan to work in other areas?
@verkalets Yep! Insurance and the auto industry are the first two that we'll next go to. Any recommendations, Ivan?
@danthevc I'd like to see something for app development :D
@verkalets you'd be interested in a service that qualifies leads to subscribe to your app?
@stevenqt No, if someone looks for dev team
Fantastic product with an amazing team behind it! Congrats @danthevc @helsontaveras
Ben Tossell asked about the pivot so I made a quick video to explain the journey/evolution in a bit more depth: