Riley 2.0

Respond to real estate leads in under 2 mins, 24/7, via text

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Hey everyone! Some of you may remember Riley 1.0...a single phone number that you could text to find your next home (Magic/Butler for real estate). A fun backstory: On June 19, 2015 my friend and I built a landing page and prompted people to text a Google Voice number to find their next home. Less than 24hrs later, it was featured on ProductHunt and in less than a week we had thousands of users from throughout the country (and outside the U.S.) texting us (from Seattle to Zagreb)! Many thank yous are owed to friends for effectively acting as "human-like" AI :) After 3 months of doing Riley 1.0, our growth stagnated and we did not have a compelling solution for overcoming that. Our team noticed though that leads would reach out to agents and response times would suck! Our hypothesis: poor response time results in poor conversion rates. Riley 2.0 provides real estate agents/firms with 24/7 live concierge service via text message. We nurture/pre-qualify leads on their behalf and are able to handle leads from any source/platform. Our demo is live on our site and it would be absolutely AMAZING if you tested our service for yourself. (pretend you were a real lead) What do you all think? We'd really appreciate your feedback. The last 9 months have been a journey of exciting experimentation. On behalf of the Riley team, thank you so much for all the feedback and PLEASE give the demo a shot if you have a minute. :) I'll be actively refreshing this page throughout the day (3/29) to answer any questions. AMA!
Ohhhh Riley.... I could get every attached to this idea! Well done!
@tayler2412 Thanks so much Tayler! :) Studio Minted looks amazing by the way.
@danthevc Wow Daniel! Thank you!
Why did you choose to use native apps rather than just a text-based service?
@bentossell Hi Ben! Thanks for the question. :) We look at ourselves as a CRM with a personal assistant layer built on top. Agents are able to customize their questions which act as a guide for our concierges, schedule text message to get sent to their leads/clients in the future, sync easily with their lead acquisition channels, etc. We chose the native app route because while a lead more often than not includes their mobile number in a contact form, sometimes the agent just gets an email. In these use cases Riley concierges initiate an email rather than a text. I think to your point though there are probably certain features that we have that could be SMS based rather than app based but we think that a mix of both embeds more effectively with the agent/firms workflow. (particularly the firms workflow actually)
whats the big difference here between something like intercom? that offers you chatting just without the forms?
@rickats Hi Rick! We actually do not provide forms. Leads are reaching to agents across multiple channels, whether that is Zillow, a website, a physical sign, etc. All of those initial contact points get sent to us and our concierges begin either a SMS-based conversation or one via email (if the mobile number is not provided...this feature is not on the demo). With live chat (at least the ones I have seen), if the user fails to provide their email/phone and closes their tab that user is lost. We think that since these leads are initiating the contact anyway where they provide their contact info, we can more effectively start the conversation with them. Likewise we think that SMS enables us to be more effective at continuing the conversation in the future.
@danthevc cool that makes more sense :) didn't really understand it - but then again i'm not the target market. Goodluck!
@rickats :) awesome thanks again for commenting Rick
Congrats, Daniel! It's great to watch you evolve the company in response to your grit & hustle in the market. It looks like you've landed on a really compelling opportunity.
@seansafahi Thanks for the kind words, Sean. :) I'll ping you when I'm in the Bay. Bold looks awesome.
@danthevc Please do. Look forward to it! Are the concierge agents on staff or distributed? Might be able to help you out if the latter.
@seansafahi staff! but thanks man :)