A personal assistant for apartment hunting

#4 Product of the DayJune 20, 2015
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This is another example of invisible apps. The focus of Riley is to find you an apartment via texting the number 740-473-6853. If I was in the market for an apartment, I would definitely feel compelled to check it out. Using text messages in this way is like having a specialized personal assistant. Which is super helpful!
@corleyh Thanks a lot for the feedback Corley :) Hope you get the use Riley for your next apartment search!
Hmmm it seems to be a trend in creating these personal assistants but I wonder if this vertical is too specific? I guess it might work quite well in time poor verticals like tech workers living and working in San Francisco, Seattle or New York but think it needs to be a bit broader... Is there an app or web interface where you supply more details to ensure the match is better?
@davidiwanow It's been a crazy 24 hours David! 12% of our sign-ups have been in Nevada, 6% in Alaska, and a good number of sign-ups in Canada! (albeit the majority have indeed been from NY/SF so far) We're hoping that Riley can help users find apartments, regardless of where they are in the world. :) We're collecting leads manually at the moment but will be releasing our app soon that will automate many of our processes.
@danthevc ah ok that's pretty good that most of the signups have been US based which is where it looks like you are focusing first
I was a bit confused by the verbiage on the landing page. Is Riley a live product, or is that simply a signup page to gage interest? That said, from the text, it sounds like a great, useful product! I've loved watching all the different text based assistant apps coming out, i.e Charlie (@afrazin), etc... Apartment hunting is an awesome use case. Congrats!
@tycrollins Thanks Tyler! Riley is a live product. Once you text Riley, she will begin your apartment search...regardless of where you are in the world! It really is exciting to see so many of these verticals validating that texting as a service is something users want. Hopefully Riley will be able to be an easier way to find apartments!
@tycrollins thanks for the mention man. You rock
Hey @danthevc. IMO, if you're trying to solve the NYC rental market, focusing on any other market is just a distraction because of how unique NYC is. A personal assistant for the apartment search is just another term for broker, is it not? I thought part of Rentity's mission was to kill the broker. Curious of your thoughts, congrats on the product launch.
@taykcrane Hi Taylor! Thanks for the comment. Rentity is focused on markets outside of NYC and its mission is aligned with that of Riley's. We're looking to help renters find apartments easier, and texting is something we thought we would test. We built Riley last night! Our intention is to power Riley with Rentity's backend, connecting tenants to one another in the future :)
This would be super helpful in SF, finding an apartment is such a mess