Riide ebike, maintenance, theft insurance for $79/month

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I wasn't convinced until I saw that you keep the bike after 2 years. Then I wasn't seeing it as just comparative savings to other transport, it's a payment plan for a product I've considered buying anyway. Of course it's both, but it's interesting to see the hardware leasing v. buying shift in a new product category.
@israelvicars Thanks for checking us out, really appreciate your feedback! It's super interesting to see how the landscape is changing with hardware leasing vs. buying. I think this will become the norm in the bike industry and transportation in general moving forward. Which do you think is a more compelling benefit to lead with: comparative savings or payment plan?
Hey Hunters! This is Jeff & Amber, co-founders at Riide. We’re so stoked to be launching RiidePass today! When we started Riide our goal was to make transportation more affordable, accessible, and… not suck :) We discovered most trips people make are solo trips under 5 miles and they spend a ridiculous amount of time unhappily sitting in traffic, looking and paying for parking, or waiting for the bus to arrive. Many love the idea of biking to work, but stop short when they think about the upfront cost of buying a bike, having to shower or change at the office, and worrying about their bike getting stolen. We designed and built the Riide electric bike with the belief that it would combat the big objections to biking for transportation: sweat and hills. Earlier this year we delivered our first batch of Riide ebikes and people absolutely loved them. But we knew we hadn’t solved the whole problem. A $2000 bike is not super accessible (even if it pays for itself in less than a year) and our customers were still worrying about maintenance and their bike getting stolen. So, we created RiidePass. Here is Amber explaining how it works and cool time lapse of one being built!
We would love to hear what you think of it and what other cool benefits would make it your go-to choice for commuting!
Very interesting idea. The whole 24 month rent to own is a smart idea with the cost of the bike (which at $2k is great for daily commuters but steep for those less committed). One thing that I didn't see on your site was if there is a region/city limiting the scope of your riidepass program. Also it said that it takes 2-3 hours to charge but didn't talk about how that connection works. Does it charge over usb? or a different adaptor someone might need to carry with them?
@paulprins Thanks for your kind words and questions! We'll definitely make info about region/city limits and charging more clear on our website. RiidePass (with theft insurance) is available in all 50 states. Unlimited maintenance is launching in Washington, DC and SF only to start. What cities do you think we should add next? It charges in any standard wall outlet via a charger we ship with the bike. Here's a picture of what it looks like: http://shop.riide.com/products/s...
@jeffstefanis @paulprins I'd be really interested if the unlimited maintenance was available in NYC (specifically Manhattan). Do you plan to roll-out in NYC soon?
@jaketsacudakis @paulprins Sweet, we do have plans to roll out unlimited maintenance to NYC soon but don't have a specific date yet. It's all dependent on number of riiders in the market and NYC is definitely up near the top.
@jeffstefanis @paulprins Well obviously I'm a bit biased to Minneapolis as the #1 biking city in the US. Any plans here? With that how well do the batteries perform in the cold. A third of our year is below freezing and often we don't get above 0˚f/-18˚c.
@paulprins I've actually never been to Minneapolis but hear it is absolutely amazing for biking. It's definitely on our list and hope to be there soon! The batteries perform pretty well in cold weather! Like all lithium-ion batteries they don't hold their charge for as long but we've still consistently had a 20 mile range. If you love numbers (like I do!) the cells are rated to hold 89.2% of their discharge capacity at 0˚c and 81.8% at -10˚c.
Congrats guys! This looks awesome and glad to see it coming out of DC :)
@brentsum Thanks! #dcRising :)
I'm a big fan of Amber and Jeff at @RiideBikes and have enjoyed seeing them iterate on an already solid product. The RiidePass effectively knocks out some of the biggest concerns around price, maintenance and theft. Keep kicking ass team.
@jhtdc Thanks so much Jason, the feeling is mutual!