Use music filters to turn your speech into song

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This will be fun. Reminds me of I Am T-Pain. πŸ—£
@rrhoover Cheers Ryan!
This is going to provide me a great way to waste lots of time lol. Great hunt @erictwillis!
Love the idea of this app and 'music filters' is a lovely term - How did you come up with the idea for this and whats the vision for it?
@yanror Cheers! We had the idea a few months ago - we've been providing people with music over on www.jukedeck.com, and one of the things people have told us most often is that they want a way of incorporating their voice. So we figured we'd make an iPhone app that let them do this. As for the vision, we want to put the power of making music into as many people's hands as possible. Music is a really social thing, and we hope Riffjam opens up new ways of bringing music into everyday conversation.
All about Empire. I wonder how long before this floods twitter?
@davesuperman Thanks David. My personal favourite is Drift...