Hassle-free ridesharing app with your coworkers

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I just saw @mekosoff's Business Insider article on Ride's launch. I didn't realize this was from Uber co-founder, Oscar Salazar. Iiiiinteresting.
@mekosoff @rrhoover unbundling of uber?
Loving the background video of this website. It's such an accurate representation of my commute to work.
This is big market outside of the USA,Ride is the hassle-free ridesharing app that simplifies your commute, connects you with neighbors and coworkers, frees up your time and can save you up to $5,000 a year. So do something good for yourself. Take back the commute. Take Ride... Btw I have no affiliation with this company just a fan of the concept..
@ajperroni I would think it's a big market in the US given the US overall has a poorer public transportation system than other Western countries.
@justinbenson great market in Usa///but compare to Latin American our public transportation is x10...