Beautifully intuitive quiz maker & marketing platform

Easily create quizzes with built-in lead generation to any site or blog - engage your audience and find more customers. Send leads and quiz responses to your marketing software for personalized follow-ups to close more sales. Unlimited quizzes, leads, and engagements start at $7 per month. Fully mobile responsive & no coding required.

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1 Review5.0/5
Content creation tool. Good design. They have something called the 'commenticle,' which includes options for polls, lists, quizzes, and personality tests.
Riddle has created mobile-first interactive content tools for today's social creator. Beginning with the 'commenticle', and including polls, lists, quizzes, and personality tests, now you can rapidly create great engaging and viral content from under a minute - wherever you are. And Riddle's intuitive dashboard will let you learn what your fans loved most - then will give you advice on how to improve. After all, making great social content isn't a one time event - it's a continuous process. With Riddle, you create, post, learn... then repeat. Any questions or feedback - we'd love to hear from you! After all, what better way to keep improving than seeing what the Product Hunt community thinks? :) Cheers, Mike Co-founder, Riddle
I'm a big fan and supporter of what they're doing for content creators and influencers. And they keep enhancing their features and UX by the day.
Great UX, love the simplicity to bring more "conversations" and engagement on specific posts
I'm an investor and big supporter of what Boris, Mike and the team are doing. Making easy to use tools to support creators is a mission they are well familiar with from their success with Tickle.com and one that has an expanding market as the environment for individual creators proliferates. Working on the tools side vs. the distribution side aligns their engineering closer to the needs of the creators as customers and I think will ultimately give them permanence and defensibility with that audience.