Richie Invest 2.0

Invest with your friends! 🤑😄

We bring investing to the sharing economy. Create a goal, invite friends and invest together towards that goal without sharing money. Investment minimum is $1.

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Hey guys we are excited to share this product with you! ---HOW DOES IT WORK?--- - Create a #Venture and invite your friends - Invest together towards the #GroupGoal without sharing money - each #Venture member gets his own advice to reach the goal - investments are done automatically in portfolios based on your risk level - #GroupGoals can be very specific with a specific target amount and a target date such as #ColoradoTrip2018 or very broad interest leaning like #ModernTechnology or #FutureHome. ---LITTLE MORE ABOUT RICHIE--- Richie is a robo-advisor build for millennials by millennials, our algorithm considers your 'millennial' type of expenses such as rent, transit and even ‘self-development’. We combine budgeting and investing to help you save and invest successfully. ---WHAT DO YOU INVEST IN?--- Richie offers fractional shares which means you are able to invest the way you want, no matter the share price. You are able to invest in exchange-traded funds that match your risk level with as little as $1. Exchange traded funds are made of stocks and bonds that help you build a balanced portfolio. ---PRICING--- We charge $1 per month advisory fee for accounts under $500. Accounts above $501 cost 0.25% per year. Important Disclosures: Richie is an SEC registered Investment Advisor. Brokerage Services provided by Third Party Trade LLC and APEX Clearing. The content of this app is not an offer, solicitation of an offer or advice to buy or sell securities in jurisdictions where Richie is not registered. Investments in securities involve risk, and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities. Investments are not FDIC Insured or hold bank guarantees. To get more information please contact us at
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It's a pretty cool idea. Need to see if it works as well as it looks.
@dionysusable Thank you Anatol! Our job is to make sure we are executing the idea the best possible way!
This is dope! I would so use this with my friends.. bout time we all make that Cancun trip happen.
@apconcepts Thanks that is totally possible!
I'm looking forward when such application will be available in Kyrgyzstan too!
@veronika_iurchenko We are bit scrutinized by the regulators, but we are working hard to get to other markets :)