Freestyle app that provides material for your shareable raps

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Thanks @eriktorenberg, we're just getting warmed up and excited as well. The story of Rhymeo began last May when both co-founders, @justinponczek and myself, were freestyling back and forth in Justin's apartment. Justin was on the boards making beats, and I was freestyling to any word that was thrown at me. The idea struck me after the first beat finished and Justin calling me out for using some rhymes he's heard me use in the past. I responded, "Can we make an app that will anticipate the next rhyming word to complete a bar? Justin responded "Dude, I can make that." A year and two months later, we have Rhymeo. Growing up as childhood friends, it was always video games, tech, and hip hop. We knew we always wanted to work on something together, and once the idea for Rhymeo went from concept, to waking up every morning and solving how to perfect our product, we knew it was our calling. Help us spread the word about Rhymeo and we will help you get your bars up!
@joshy_a_j you should check out http://www.4barfriday.com/ the freestyle rap community Damian Lillard made on Twitter & Instagram. Tons of people participate each Friday, it would be really easy for you to reach out to these people and ask them for feedback on the app. Don't think you'll get too many freestyle rappers on PH :)
Ever since @eriktorenberg put me to shame at a freestyle rap event I've needed something like this. Makes perfect sense for an app - now I can practice!
Rhymeo was built to help people figure out how to freestyle rap, but its mixture of rhymes, pictures, and topics can assist an emcee of any skill level. Freestyling can be intimidating and difficult at first, but with Rhymeo we wanted to make it easy for people to develop their improvisational abilities and sense of rhythm. We are looking for any feedback about the user-experience, learning curve, general direction, and stickiness of the product. If you're inclined, we welcome you to share your feedback as a freestyle on Rhymeo.
@joshy_a_j I rhymed with this guy. He's dope. App is too. Excited to see what comes from this. Tell us the story of how this came about
from one rap app founder to another - dope shit Josh @joshy_a_j
Hey @joshy_a_j! I just saw Rhymeo on IG. I lauched EmSee today. Maybe there's a way we can help each other out? I'm @GregStorm on twitter.
@gregstorm what's up Greg? Would love to chat man. Shoot me an email at Josh@rhymeo.co