Rez - the Resolution Bot.

A fun-loving bot that helps you follow your New Year goals.

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Vinay Jain
@vinay_jain · Product & Business Strategy
Hi Neeraj Thanks for Hunting Rez Bot ! Hey Product Hunt! If you’re anything like me, you will probably take a resolution every year but will have difficulties keeping up to it. So we created a bot to keep you on track with your resolution. Many of our resolutions are long and to be achieved over an year with consistency, you need to keep reminding yourself … See more
Neeraj Thakur
@neerajt4 · Marketer | www.neerajt.com
Just tell him your resolutions and he helps you keep a track of them.
Tzahi Efrati
I was accessing the bot on my browser and noticed that managing resolutions was done on a web page. I guess this is the web view behavior on non-mobile browsers. Can you confirm? Anyway, I respectfully suggest you tame the bot. His persona strikes me as too excited, to the point of being annoying. BTW, the 'share' menu option has a bug - the bot don't unders… See more