Rez - the Resolution Bot.

A fun-loving bot that helps you follow your New Year goals.

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Hi Neeraj Thanks for Hunting Rez Bot ! Hey Product Hunt! If you’re anything like me, you will probably take a resolution every year but will have difficulties keeping up to it. So we created a bot to keep you on track with your resolution. Many of our resolutions are long and to be achieved over an year with consistency, you need to keep reminding yourself about it. Rez bot is an assistant over Facebook Messenger who will help you to achieve your small or big year around resolutions. Rez bot makes sure experience will be simply enjoyable. Have fun, take some resolutions and let Rez Bot makes sure you achieve your goal.
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Just tell him your resolutions and he helps you keep a track of them.
@neerajt4 Your bot redirects to external site, to collect resolutions. Is it really necessary? Why not keep everything on Messenger?
@ignacy_wilczynski Hey Ignacy, it's not my not. I've just hunted it. You can talk to its maker @tunetopj
@ignacy_wilczynski @neerajt4 Just using the webviews right. You get a dropdown of suggestions and you can add multiple resolutions. Webviews are perfect for that. What do you think?
@ignacy_wilczynski @neerajt4 seems to be separating the concepts of conversation as interface to messaging as key channel. everyone is mostly betting on the latter so it's at least interesting to see other approaches.
@ggnall @ignacy_wilczynski to add to the discussion, as per the words used by Facebook : "(webview) allows you to build more custom experiences that still appear to be part of the Messenger thread". So, accomplishing tasks in a conversational mode is a great thing, but by now, the community accepts that conversation is certainly not the best way doing everything and a good mix of other UI elements can contribute to a good user experience.
I was accessing the bot on my browser and noticed that managing resolutions was done on a web page. I guess this is the web view behavior on non-mobile browsers. Can you confirm? Anyway, I respectfully suggest you tame the bot. His persona strikes me as too excited, to the point of being annoying. BTW, the 'share' menu option has a bug - the bot don't understand the choice.. I did like the general flow of conversation. Nice work! What I liked less is the actual help in achieving the resolutions. I don't think you can expect users to read that long PDF and take that coursera course. Withmy bot, I took a different approach: ask the user for her general resolution (lose weight, get a promotion, save money, etc) and then encourage to set specific goals (save $20 every week, lose 1 pound every 3 days, etc) which the bot would then follow up on. Feel free to check it out and comment. I built it as part of a competition: You can watch a demo video here:
@zefrati Thanks for the suggestions. Yes thats the behaviour of webviews on desktop. The share bug is also fixed. To keep people motivated, we will send out reminders about your tasks at the start of each week and ask the progress about the week. You should see the message this Sunday. So, I guess, the approach is kind of same. Checked the bot. Really cool. Are there fixed limited categories of resolutions? Thanks for the feedback.
@zefrati Thanks for an elaborate feedabck. To add to Ishan's reply, the PDF and coursera course just defines the theoretical base on which the bot is built, the user is not expected to read those. The user is just supposed to input his resolutions and the bot will follow up to check if the user is on track.
@ishanjain_t Thanks for the response. My bot currently supports the following resolution categories: physical well being, self improvement (being more organized for example), mental, career and finance. I think that captures the major categories. I;m not sure the pdf and course are necessary if they're not providing concrete tools for the user. Anyway, good luck with your bot!