Give your iPhone an iPod click wheel

#5 Product of the DayDecember 11, 2019
Rewound is a Music player for your Apple Music library. Easily browse and play your music with customizable on screen buttons and gestures - this is useful for one handed use.
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I wish this could work with my Spotify account! I don't use Apple Music!
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@chrismessina same 😭 😭 😭
Respect. The clicky noise is so satisfying when scrolling through my library.
@rrhoover how do I enable the clicks noise? Mine it’s not working
I had no idea how much I needed this to exist until now 🤩 Thanks @omosanzalette!
Says not available in my country (US) ?
@kim_martino_diaz Getting the same, also US :/
@lhid @schappi Thanks, I figured that they’d do that :/ They’ll probably come out with their own
Downloaded it. It has an IAP to be able to open playlists (other menus like artist, album, and etc, are free though). I bought it to support the developer and also because I rely heavily on playlists. I love the use of haptic feedback and the app is great so far! Here's to hoping they continue support for it and Apple doesn't pull it.