makes it easier to browse second hand clothing

I've alwast been interested in clothing and shopping second hand. This is why I build is a constantly changing feed of over 100.000 second hand and vintage fashion items from various different websites.

Why Second hand?

- πŸ€‘ Save Money

- ♻️ Save The Environment

- πŸ‘• Look good

- πŸ™‹ Support Small Businesses

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Love this idea, I think high street labels made better quality clothes in the past, that's why I like buying vintage and second hand. How do you pick the retailers you include? @augustvdven
@abadesi Thanks, I'm currently working on adding more retailers to make sure to items are as diverse as possible.
Founder of YourApparel and Femwyse
Hi @augustvdven, I like how you have the option to filter the items on materials or whether the clothes are animal-friendly for exampleπŸ‘. Maybe you could work with or share thoughts with United Wardrobe based in the Netherlands who offer second hand clothes but have a different scope.
@angeliquesocial Thanks, I will!
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Like a digital Buffalo Exchange. There's something fun about hunting through these thrift/second-hand stores.
@rrhoover That's what I'm going for, thanks!
Nick FranciosoFounder of SkillSyncer | Army Veteran
Great idea. thanks for sharing.