Fan engagement platform for Twitch broadcasters

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Hey ProductHunt, I’m James, one of the co-founders at Revlo. We help broadcasters on Twitch more easily interact with their communities. Interactions is what makes Twitch great, but it becomes harder for broadcasters as their communities get larger. That’s why we built Revlo. Broadcasters use our platform to create custom currencies that their viewers earn by watching their channel. Viewers can then spend their earned currencies for rewards ranging from a spot in the next viewer game to a discount code for a broadcaster’s merch. With Revlo, viewers can also compete with each other on a leaderboard and win more points by participating in contests like betting on how many times the broadcaster will die in the next 10 mins. Interactions with Revlo can happen either on a streamer’s profile on or directly through a bot that we spawn into Twitch chat. Happy to answer any questions about Revlo and chat if anyone has any suggestions!
Really cool stuff, I think the gambling part would be huge if adopted by big eSports events. For example Dreamhack has a ton of empty time slots on stream that could be easily filled with something like this in order to keep people engaged and have them stick around until the next match, no more ResidentSleeper spam in chat!
@fanahova hey Alessio! You hit the nail on the head. We have the Smite Pro league using Revlo and IEM Katowice as well in March :)
@jameszmsun awesome, I have been involved in eSports for a few years and know a lot of tournaments organizers, I'll hit you up if there's opportunity to integrate this!
congrats on raising! love that the twitch/esports space is growing so fast. let's stay in touch :)
Great job guys!