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Todd WeiderMaker@tweider · Tech Junkie - Founder Revlio
Hi Matty - Thanks for the question. The reality is 94% of people prefer text over every other form of engagement and what it returns to a business is far superior. Re your question: Lets look at a real world example. We don't think anybody wants to type this in their browser when they can type 5gc in a text? And if you load our shortcut to your phone (text GO to 55778), the native text app will open so all you have to do is tap the shortcut and enter the Hash Code. And, you also now have a text stream of all the items you are interested in. We really have not been able to come up with a simpler solution that people can easily adopt. People have trouble remembering a short link and don't know how to use QR codes, and because of this, are not as likely to engage vs using as simple as Revlio. Our research shows that people like the interaction they get from using SMS.
Matty Mariansky@mmariansky · Product Designer at Meekan
@tweider That makes perfect sense, thank you!
Todd WeiderMaker@tweider · Tech Junkie - Founder Revlio
@mmariansky @tweider Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We really appreciate it
Todd WeiderMaker@tweider · Tech Junkie - Founder Revlio
Hey there Product Hunters, thanks for checking us out! At Revlio, we think it should be easy to explore, engage and shop the things we see in our daily lives. Going from discovery to Voila!, should be fast, fun and simple. So we did something about it and created SMS Hash Codes and Tap-N-Own. These two products are turning phones into shopping carts and making everything shoppable. We put your audience on a shopping rocket ship, & at warp speed, take them from discovery to Voila! Check out all the images above, then read below. SMS Hash Codes: This works when a user discovers a product powered by Revlio and sends via SMS / Text a unique SMS Hash Code to 55778 aka Revlio. Instantly without any noise or friction, the user is returned a unique URL that takes them directly to what they were interested in. Simple, clean and fast. Oh, and the customer data we provide is out of this world. Note: Users can also post beautifully branded images with texting info so when the image is shared, users can still shop it. No credit card required to start a campaign. Demo: SMS Hash Code - text OKC35 to 55778 (USA only) Demo: Revlio Shortcut -Text GO to 55778 aka Revlio (USA only) Tap-N-Own: We've already made Instagram shoppable with hash codes, but what if your followers want to tap vs text? We've got it covered. We built Tap-N-Own to supercharge your Instagram and visual web accounts. Go ahead & supercharge your profile link with Revlio's Tap-N-Own. All you have to do is add your image and a URL to Revlio and then post the image to instagram, that's it. Revlio links with your Instagram account and now your audience has a place, with your brand on it, that link your products to your site, ready for checkout. Demo: Tap-N-Own Powered Account on Instagram - (Works Worldwide) Demo: Tap-N-Own Store on Revlio linked to above accounts Bio - (Works Worldwide) Thank you for taking the time to check us out and let us know if we can help or fellow Product Hunters (some images are for demonstration purposes only.)
Parker Agee@parkeragee · Software Engineer
What's the price? Visited the Pricing page and there's not a price anywhere on the page. Cool idea though!
Todd WeiderMaker@tweider · Tech Junkie - Founder Revlio
Pricing starts at $40 a month and goes up from there. Just depends what features you want. For example: yacht brokers, real-estate agents and car dealers want instant leads on their phone when a user engages and they also want to add sub-accounts to their master account. This is additional. Tap-N-Shop adds a link to your Instagram Bio and makes all your posts shoppable. That costs a bit more. All pricing is available once you register. Give it a try, your account starts with a positive balance to get started.
Matty Mariansky@mmariansky · Product Designer at Meekan
SMS -> Get link -> shop Short link -> type it in phone -> shop Doesn't your way actually add a step to the process? Does texting make users more willing to buy? Please explain more