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Reviving Older Blog Post on Twitter (wordpress plugin)

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Ionut NeaguHunter@hackinglife7 · CEO at
Do you guys see this as a web-app ? Something like buffer ( queue, analytics ) but focused on reviving old posts in different methods ( social networks, newsletters, website widgets ) ? It has the potential to be a business itself ? With the latest google changes and the increase of the content quality, the content is getting more and more expensive, so writing evergreen content and promoting it properly can help you save a lot of money.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I wish this wasn't just for Wordpress. @hunterwalk wrote about the death of the time stamp recently, which has been a core focus of Medium. It also reminds me of a short piece I published a year ago, titled Blogging & Evergreen Content, referencing something @colinraney wrote. In most cases, a blog post gets a majority of attention within the first few days of its lifetime but there's a ton evergreen content out there that ends up getting buried beneath the chronological presentation of most blogs.
Eric Seufert@eric_seufert · Editor, Mobile Dev Memo
@rrhoover One thing I've done at Mobile Dev Memo is categorize posts I think can be evergreen with a "Greatest Hits" tag. I was experimenting with tweeting those out periodically but I saw that it actually decreased the overall number of clicks I got on tweets. Instead, I just leave one discovery box on the RHS of the site that randomly shows 5 "greatest hits" posts each visit, which has led to those posts getting a constant and steady stream of clicks each day (and every once in a while, I'll see one spike on Facebook or Twitter).
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@eric_seufert that's smart. I'd be curious how these "greatest hits" perform vs. new posts when you share them on Twitter (WRT clicks, engagement, RT's, favorites, replies).
Hunter Walk@hunterwalk · Partner, Homebrew
@rrhoover oooh will need to check out. the way i think of it, is that each piece of content produced has some "maximum audience" (the total number of people who would enjoy it) and most (all?) content is actually consumer by just a fraction of that addressable audience.
Ionut NeaguHunter@hackinglife7 · CEO at
thanks for the tip @rrhoover ! What do you think is the market size here ? Enough to develop a web app ?
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@vertistudio the consumer blogging market is small but I can imagine it evolving into a B2B product, resurfacing older, popular content at the right time. I'm sure the Buffer folks are exploring this already. cc @joelgascoigne, @LeoWid, @brian_lovin, @CaroKopp
Ionut NeaguHunter@hackinglife7 · CEO at
@joelgascoigne @LeoWid is this true guys ? this should motivate me to iterate faster :) Btw you are doing great things with buffer.
Eric Seufert@eric_seufert · Editor, Mobile Dev Memo
@rrhoover @joelgascoigne I go through the feed on Mobile Dev Memo every morning and Buffer a bunch (5+) posts to my Twitter for times throughout the day. What I'd love from Buffer is some sort of a "mass Buff" interface that makes it easy for me to Buffer out a number of links from one session -- eg. rather than clicking the Buffer link in the Tweet box for one link, I open up the "mass Buffer" interface and am able to paste in 10+ links and set times for them inline.
Complete agree with @RyanHoover. All content is not equal and the web should have a bias toward preserving important content. This idea is waaay bigger than a Wordpress plugin (though this is a great place to start). There is a need to surface evergreen content over daily novelties. 1. Paul Graham can't be the only person who has the market cornered on timeless posts. 2. Peter Theil's new book is nothing but his lectures/internet essays in print. There's a need for a platform that allows communities to highlight/elevate timeless content. The majority of the web is focused on breaking news/content, there is an opportunity for long-term curation. It could be for entrepreneurs looking for learning tools, or writers appreciating great craft, or artisans sharing skills. I'm skeptical that this can be algorithmic. Humans have a sense of the zeitgeist that machines don't. This would have that human, cared-for feel that wikipedia does. It would be a great extension of wikipedia, but the interaction model is all wrong, same goes for Quora. Instapaper would actually be an interesting model for it (b/c if you wanted to download annuals of information on a topic to your mobile you could.) You could also have a model where you print the best in an anthology, like Fuck Jetpacks or Dave Eggers Fiction anthologies (participating authors getting proceeds).
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@colinraney "This idea is waaay bigger than a Wordpress plugin (though this is a great place to start)" <-- bingo