Revere Alerts

New way to monitor data and set alerts, code-free.

Stay on top of the most important questions in your data with easy-to-build reports and alerts, delivered via email & Slack. Customize your data models, routing & alert messages, & works w popular databases like BigQuery, Redshift and RDS, PostgreSQL and more.
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Alex Scott
Hi there Product hunters - Working with data can be frustrating and difficult - getting access to the right information, understanding it and keeping track of what's happening below the surface is more than a full-time job. We built Revere to to make it easier to monitor your data and set alerts that fit for your specific needs. You can explore data with SQL or with our code-free visual builder and quickly define complex alert conditions and view results. You control the alert schedule, recipients, message and even actionable next steps. Receive alerts where you like to work best: email, Slack or in-app. We provide supporting data that triggered your alert, so you can reference and take action. Take it for a spin (we've included some datasets and alerts to play around with) and let me know what you want to see next!