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I hope iOS 11 will let you switch the default voice assistant to Alexa. (It won't.)
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@gabriel__lewis Apple is like a dictatorship, there is one choice theirs. Now if they would only open MacOS so it will run on PC hardware so we can finally have powerful macs again... but pigs will fly first before that happens.
Access to Alexa, via your phone or your Mac... This is a product from Rain who are one of the partner agencies with Amazon on their Skills Hub Reverb now uses Alexa v2, which adds support for timers, alarms, long form audio, audiobooks, and more. Quite a few products in this space so I wonder how they can differentiate themselves
@bentossell on iOS, it's the only app that uses Alexa v2. It seems to be the only macOS app that uses Alexa. On Android, it seems to be the only app that supports most of Alexa v2. We're also looking into other features we could implement to differentiate ourselves.
interesting. you don t have to say "hey alexa" any more. but please make it available from the spotlight widget center. I would not want to get to my third screen each time to trigger it. And in mac on app menu bar on top.
@ourielohayon Thanks for the feedback. We're a tap to activate app, so no need to start with "Alexa". We are looking at the possibility of adding "Alexa" as a wake word rather than having to tap. A macOS menu bar and customizable shortcut key are on our todo list.
What sort of privacy permissions do I have to give up for this?
@thesiskar Access to your microphone for us to send recordings to Alexa to get responses. Other than that, it's no different than using an Echo or other way of accessing alexa voice service. Reverb is never given your password and we aren't allowed to send your recordings anywhere except directly to Amazon and the response directly to you for playback.
Interesting. We'll have to see how it works.