Buy and sell activewear and gear

Hi everyone! I'm one of the founders of Revelry, an iPhone app for buying and selling activewear and gear. I'd love to hear your thoughts and actionable feedback on our product. Also, happy to answer any questions you have! In the app you can buy great products from brand names like Patagonia, The North Face and Arc'teryx for up to 80% off retail. If you have outdoor gear you are no longer using or need to upgrade, use Revelry to sell it and make money for your next purchase. Revelry is the environmentally responsible way to buy outdoor gear. What's great about these types of products in particular is they are designed and built to last. In fact, the product life is actually longer than we normally have use for them. Great, lightly worn gear is available across the country. Can't wait to hear what you think!
Hey, @frankiewarren! Congrats on the launch. I gotta ask the the "elephant in the room" question: since you're building a location-dependent marketplace, how do you plan to grow a large enough audience in to make it valuable for people to transact locally?
@rrhoover Thanks for getting the questions started! Right now we're not actually a local marketplace. The only restricition is that you are based in the US. As part of the service we provide a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label to you when your item sells. You can print it out, slap it on any box you want and drop it off at the post office. As for seeding the marketplace, we have been offering commission free incentives and are working on partnerships with brands and retailers to give them an outlet for off-priced or returned products. This could drive a lot of supply at once. Local transactions are a feature request we hear quite often, especially for larger items that don't make too much sense to ship (think kayak :)). Our plan would be to introduce local pickup on a city-by-city basis once we have a sufficient number of users in a geographic region. Any additional thoughts or ideas around this? Would love to hear them!