RevealURL - Find the safety of any short-URL.
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This would be cool as a chrome plugin that showed the full link when hovering over a shortened once.
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Thanks, @jonaaust for your interest. The chrome extension is something that's already in our roadmap for this weekend. Expect it to be live next Monday! Cheers! :)
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@jonaaust Exactly what I was thinking.
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@jonaaust @i_wein We've launched the chrome extension. Please download it here:
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Hello PH 👋, We are super excited to have our product released on PH. 🥁 Introducing RevealURL - “a shortURL demystifying tool”.  Short URLs and Spammers 👹 - an annoying combination and we stand against them. Give us the link and we help you to make the move. RevealURL provides you with the needed information on the link to help you decide to open the link or not 🤷🏻‍♂️. It's that easy. Use it and show us some love with hugs or bugs. Cheers 🤟🏻 - KD
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Thanks @sarath_damaraju for hunting this. Hello PH Community 👋, Hope you like this utterly simple tool. What makes this launch special is, it's our first (out of many upcoming launches ;) ) launch together. Go ahead, try it out and show us some love!
This is a great idea, superb guys..
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Not works for shortcut URL that use javascript redirecting.
Hey @michal_cerny , thanks for reporting this. We'll look into it.
@michal_cerny when an abbreviation service redirects with JavaScript or the meta tag method, whether it is still counted as an acronym service is highly controversial? I think maker done the right thing.
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@cagataycali There is lot of service that use javascript redirecting. When you need conversion tracking like FB pixel you need to load that pixel and than do redirect.
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@michal_cerny We've added support for JS redirections too. Please try it out once again.
Nice little tool :)
Hey @hellokarthic , Thanks for your support. Means a lot! :)