Retro Analytics

Use AI to get actionable insights that increase conversions

Get an immediate understanding of your customers, along with simple instructions to improve conversion rates. Set up takes seconds, point & click event creation is easy, and tracking is fully automatic.

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11 Reviews5.0/5
First off, thanks to @kwdinc for the hunting us :rocket: We’re so excited to finally open this up to the public after being in private beta for a few months with such awesome feedback already! At the moment increasing conversions is a really bloated process: involving developers, external hires, waiting periods and lots of guesswork. Collecting data is expensive to set up and lots of it goes unused. Our machine learning algorithms can completely streamline the process whilst using all of that data, and will find ways to improve conversions that even expensive data analysts would miss. We’re really keen to hear people feedback and answer any questions from the community 😻
@codingninja this looks amazing!!!
@itsvinba Thanks for the support @itsvinba, it's been a long few months so we're really happy to be going live and giving everyone access to the platform. We're so excited to see what amazing insights we can give companies to help grow their conversion and engagement.

I have never come across a more efficient and simple solution. Gives insights in plain english, so good!


The simplest most effective solution of it's kind!


More people need to know about this!

We really appreciate the kind words Aurora and we are really excited to see what other amazing insights we can gleam from our customers data for them :)

Need 1000 sessions to start having some real actions to take.


Onboarding: awesome, the best I ever had.


Still watching my dashboard but seems promising.

Thanks so much for such amazing feedback, we're really excited to get what we've built into peoples hands!
@CodingNinja, looks interesting from the landing page.. but what is the pricing after the 'trial'? Nothing is listed on the site, which makes me cautious of signing up.
@chad_fullerton Hey Chad! Thanks for checking out the site! We're really stoked to see such a great response from the PH community! The platform is free for anyone with up to 25k sessions per month for life 😻 Between 25k and 50k sessions we charge 99$/m. We find that most companies at this level of traffic are transitioning from hustle growth to analytic growth and become serious about analyzing their data to help drive their direction. For people above the 50k monthly sessions, we like to work with them to get a better understanding of their traffic volume and types so we can give the best value based on how many sessions / users they have :) Feel free to reach out to me at if you want to discuss our pricing in detail.
@codingninja Fortunately I was sitting on my chair while I was setting up Retro Analytics otherwise I would have fail on the floor. What a great on boarding! Google log-in done, GTM done, ready in less than a minute! Nether saw a direct setup threw GTM API, just awesome.
@sylvainlaffont Wow, thanks Sylvain for such great feedback 😻! We're really proud of what we've built and we look forward to delivering some really awesome products to help make AI accessible to everyone!