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Retorio is an AI-powered, personality assessment tool for remote hiring. We help candidates to prepare for job interviews and recruiters to get in-depth insights. You submit a short video, our AI detects behavioural cues, creating a Big 5 personality profile.
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Hi Hunters, First, thanks @kevin for hunting us! 🙌 We’re happy to launch our public available solution on Product Hunt! 👍What do we do? For the first time being, you (as a user) can prepare and train for job interviews with the power of AI. Become more confident and get to know how you come across. We also support HR people on the other side to mitigate individual biases and create fairer hiring processes, while finding out where people feel most motivated and thus can perform best (different product though). For Product Hunt, we specifically tailored our solution to you – the candidate. 💯What’s in for you? 1) Self-Recognition and Tips: You will get to know how others would see you and how you can prepare for a personal interview 2) Job Orientation: In which jobs you can show your strengths (as a suggestion) 3) Differentiation: To let you create a video CV helps you to shine in front of a recruiter 💙 Why do we do it? We want to give back and help people activating their best self, while contributing to a fairer decision process in general. We've been working on our AI for years with thousands of hours put into the grind of training it to make as objective decisions as possible. 👏🏼How do we do it? Our video-based AI-technology analysis your behavioural patterns along a scientific taxonomy (Big5). Finally, you will be able to see how others would see you. Moreover we give you tips on how to prepare for a personal job interview. For recruiters, we derive recommendations about the best motivational context for a candidate. Everything we do is based on empirical science. Give it a try - we'd love to hear your feedback. The retorio team
Hello fellow PH'ers, I am one of the software engineers and responsible not only for demo page, you can visit here. But also for the Apps our company develops in general. Bugs, feature requests and other feedback in that regard is highly appreciated. I hope you like your result :P
This is so cool. This could be a tool that can be used in the future for every debate, sales training, presentation training, etc. Low-key hope to see some famous/eccentric faces like Trump, Biden, Ricky Gervais, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.
@marco_di_bree haha, that is a good idea, thanks for the kudos and ideas :)
Thank you for the comment @marco_di_bree ! We have analyzed multiple celebrities and as an example here are the results of Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Elon Musk:
we at Zealaxx are using Retorio for nearly one year now and could not be happier with it. Practically no implementation time and for the first time an unbiased and objective 360 degree view on our candidates. It helps us finding talents faster than others.
@michael_springer we're happy to have you aboard!
I did my Project Study in Retorio under the supervision of Christoph. We did market analysis to see how Retorio tool helps other companies to pick up best candidate for their new opening position. I really think it would be amazing tool which is combination of AI and HR could help copmanies to analyse their best fit. I used the tool by myself, the result is as I expected. Also I asked around the people if they agree with the result about me, it's highly positive. So I definitely think Retorio can so good in market. All the best. Thank you again Christoph, for giving me oppoertunity to do my project study in Retorio.