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Retainly is the preferred Marketing Automation tool for SaaS startups, Bloggers & Publications, Internet Based Business, who intend to increase their Lead Generation, Automatically attend to Lead Backlogs using Drip and Behavioural Campaigns. Convert Leads into paying customers automatically, cross-sell/up-sell to existing customers automatically.

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Wow! Just got hunted by World's #1 Hunter :-). Thanks Kevin. Hope this makes a Good Easter Weekend for Everyone too. We built Retainly for Bloggers, Digitial Media Companies, Internet Businesses, and for SaaS startups. Going ahead we plan to build eCom specific features. For now, every Internet Business can afford the most sophisticated Marketing Automation platform. I am open to criticism without any embarrassment.
@palash76 this looks very cool and like great value for money. Particularly living for the medium CTA. But how do you count subscribers (is it the mailchimp way where you can have the same subscriber counted multiple times if they are ok different lists or is it like convert kit where 1 subscriber is one subscriber and even if they sign up to various lists it still recognises that they are the same person? )
@tese_omesan Thanks for making it cool. :-). 1 Subscriber is identified by a unique email id. None the less, our free plan will be for 500 subscribers and the paid plan will not have a subscriber limit. So it should not be an issue for the marketer to worry about Subscriber count. Just keep growing for a fixed price. Ain't it cooler?
@palash76 This is amazing actually! I will be sharing it with my art blogging community
@tese_omesan Much obliged. Helps us keep the software affordable.
We just added more to our Machine Learning. Retainly now generates a Customer Engagement Score and Customer Rank automatically based on your customer/contact behavior. This is not available with the competition. :-)
I like the copy "Convert without the kit". Nice shot at your competitor. What makes you different? If I have my last 30 dollars to spend on my marketing campaign. Why should I go with you?
@dredurr Thanks. But a tough question for a public forum. We respect our competition. We had the advantage of observation over the time, which helped us simplify the app to the extent that we could compress everything in just 4 menu options. Simplicity and quick go live is what we have learned is the "Key to a successful SaaS app". We knew exactly what our competition was missing, apart from the frills. :-). You will not need a certificate to become an expert on Retainly.
Looks very interesting, when shall we expect and eCom specific release?
@steitiyeh Thank you too. By 2017 May end, we should have our eCom feature released.
Looks like I would give it a shot. Pricing looks fair. Notes: after reading the website I am still not 100% sure what it exactly does. Also, you might want to test all pages on iPhone 6+, I observed a couple of problems with the view. What I am specifically looking when I sign up is the branding options, export abilities and ease of use. Love you support aws, you might want to check postmarkapp too! :)
@grobmeier Thanks a ton for the appreciation. Will take your inputs on the website content. As for the delivery servers, we are in the process to integrate with AWS and Postmark. Till then, we have provided the SMTP facility that can be used for any email delivery services. Happy Easter. 😀