Retain™ by Sayar Care

A natural product that stops hair loss & stimulates regrowth

Retain™ is a natural formula that treats the 3 causes of hair loss: DHT, inflamed hair follicles, and decreased nutrient supply. It uses clinically tested, natural substances.

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Hey, @sayarcare! How does this compare to Rogaine and other products (admittedly, I only know what's been shared in the infomercials 😂).
Hi @rrhoover! For starters, I love Qs, so thanks! First, a tiny bit of background about Minoxidil. Minoxidil was originally a blood pressure medication, and had a side effect of causing hair growth. So they decided to promote it for its side effect. Simply put,, Rogaine (aka minoxidil) causes random hair growth. Because minoxidil only causes hair growth, it gradually stops working, as hair loss becomes quicker than the growth it causes. (Put aside the potential side effects, which you’ll see if you google “minoxidil side effects”) Our product, Retain™, stops the cause and stimulates regrowth with natural (clinically tested) essential oils. Therefore, when Retain™ is used consistently, it quite effectively fixes hair loss from the root by targeting DHT locally and giving your hair follicles a kick in the butt. If you’ve got any more questions, ask away.
@rrhoover @sayarcare Can you point to the peer-reviewed paper that backs up the claim?
@rrhoover @doivoid @sayarcare Those studies are of individual ingredients, and most of the studies are transgenic models or 'preclinical studies' (ie. in mice). I'm not a doctor or even a scientist, but I've sat through enough pharma pitches to know these terms are very important. It seems people are asking about clinical trials of SayarCare's Retain formulation - the substance, in-situ, used on human males.
Snake oil on Product Hunt... *SMH* 9 positive smiley reviews, which are no doubt shill reviews. We know there's nothing out there that can give hair growth with the exception of minoxidil and propecia. There are a few experimental stuff(RU) but you'll be lucky to get a good batch. All promising solutions are in the stem cell research area and we know they're at least three years away. You come here and promote this now as "revolutionary"? What's the ingredients? At best you're using stuff already out there and bundling it up and selling it as a new thing.
Hi @erickbarron86! Great Qs, and I understand your wariness. I'll address your post in order. In regards to products that cause hair growth: minoxidil is the pharmaceutical that causes hair growth, while propecia is the pharmaceutical that blocks DHT. While minoxidil does cause some hair growth, users see its effectiveness wear off after 6 months to a year. This is because while minoxidil does cause hair growth, it does nothing to fix the underlying problem: hair loss. As soon as the amount of hair lost becomes greater than the amount of hair growth minoxidil can stimulate, minoxidil's limited effectiveness becomes apparent. Propecia does stop hair loss by addressing the underlying problem of DHT production, but since it blocks DHT systemically, it has some pretty nasty side effects. Google 'em. Stem cell research is a different avenue of approach, and when that research allows us to fix hair loss from that angle, it can be discussed. Until then, it's really just another theory. Our ingredients are listed here, and the studies behind them are linked: Retain™ is unique. It's the only product that addresses the fact that there are 3 problems surrounding hair loss: DHT production causes hair loss, which results in reduced nutrient supply, which further results in hair follicle inflammation. Hair loss is not a one cause problem. It starts with DHT, but by the time the problem becomes visible, there are multiple problems that need to be addressed. Also remember that stopping hair loss can be difficult to get across—how can you prove lack of something that happens so slowly? How can users notice this, as it's a very gradual process? That's why Retain™ uses 3 approaches, and has a no Qs asked refund policy.
@erickbarron86 @sayarcare - I see "key ingredients" in the product page, and then I see more in the link above. Is that the complete list? Great branding, by the way.
@erickbarron86 @jenise_lee the link above is the list as follows the patent, the product page shows the key ingredients to be as user friendly as possible—we like our users to understand why Retain works. 😉 If you've got any questions about Retain or want to write about our story, reach out at Make the subject something like "PH Inbound", it'll get to me. 😊 Thank you! We're obsessed with our brand.
Hi hi! I'm one of the makers behind Retain™. It's an easy to use formula that stops hair loss and stimulates regrowth. Think Minoxidil or Propecia, but all-natural with zero possible side effects. Think God's gift, no Satan involved. It's formula is what makes it so effective, as it treats all the causes of hair loss (still freakin out how real this is, bear with me) Therefore, it both stops hair loss and stimulates regrowth. Retain™ doesn't have a limit on how long it's effective for, it continues working. About Sayar Care: my cofounders and I founded Sayar Care to help men's health with affordable, natural, clinically tested products. Before launching, we spent years studying hair loss, and call ourselves experts in this field, not your average hungry entrepreneur. We're working on new products for skin and sex health. Any questions, ask away!

Really helped with my hair loss. And the nicest customer service peeps.


It works.


Not to my knowledge.

Did you perform any clinical trials? This seems sketchy but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. It takes real guts to go into this space
Hey @dredurr! Yet another great question, thank you! In order to fully understand how and why our formula works, we ran our own study. All participants were not required to sign release forms, and so we can't show you full results. I can tell you that after 1 month of use, nearly all users saw their hair return to the normal growth stage; that is, their hair loss stopped. After 3 months, all users had their hair loss stop, and a significant portion entered the regrowth stage. Beyond our own study, the clinical studies study the amount of time and effectiveness. You can see them linked above, or ask and I can post them here as well. 🙂 We founded Sayar Care because we felt like there's a big problem here with no real solution. Hair loss effects such a large percentage of males worldwide, and the effective options are riddled with potential side effects, as well at not tackling the issue at the root (see replies above). Based on the clinical trials linked above and our own research, hair loss can be stopped naturally and we’d be happy to get you on board should you be interested. I’d be happy to address any further Qs.
@sayarcare for new drugs I always check out Your participants are anonymous. This may be something you want to look into in the future.
@dredurr @sayarcare you can still release the results if you're not posting individual results. or do it anonymously! you can't just claim something without anything to show for
Hi @hadifarnoud1! Sorry about the delayed response. We definitely can discuss those results, and should probably make them more prominent. Thanks for the suggestion! Our clinical data is well formulated with excellent results, and we have been focusing on making that aspect of Retain™ transparent and understandable. Publicly, we use clinical studies and customer satisfaction to back up Retain™ 🙂
@sayarcare I didn't see any solid evidence to believe any of the claims to be honest. I know most people won't. this category is filled with false promises