Getting Customers is Hard. Retain Them.

This looks similar to Intercom. I recognize how important this is, coming from PlayHaven (now called Upsight) where we built a tools set for mobile game devs to message players in game. The big challenge we found is (1) educating and guiding developers on how to use the product to increase engagement, monetization etc. and (2) measuring the actual impact and ROI. Anyone have experience with this?
I'm also curious how this compares to Seeing a lot of people focus on this but not sure what the differentiation is among many of them.
Thanks @charlieirish for spotting :-) I'm one of the co-founder of To answer @rrhoover and @allnick, basically we are trying to focus more on helping the Growth people (developer or marketer) to set automated message w/ existing analytical data from tools like Mixpanel; and also make it easier to send retention message based on events (vs based on profile value as in intercom). Of course we are very new to this space and still in private Beta, we would love to learn more from you guys about your needs and experience w/ other similar products. Feel free to AMA.