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Ben LeventhalMaker@benleventhal · CEO, Resy
Hey there, all! Thrilled to be on here. Resy is a mobile app for restaurant reservations. We think the current ways to book a table in places like New York (and LA and SF) are broken, unless you're willing to plan 30 days ahead or just happen to be a celebrity chef's best friend. For a reasonable fee, we're able to offer our users last-minute reservations at great restaurants. In the long run, we're focused on designing an amazing UX. We'd like to be the first place you go anytime you need a reservation anywhere. We're in beta right now, but you can use this link to get right in.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@benleventhal awesome idea. i'm curious tho what's the business potential here - how are you you guys going to monetize?
Ben LeventhalMaker@benleventhal · CEO, Resy
@eriktorenberg Thanks! We partner with the restaurants on the platform and take a % of every table we book.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@benleventhal i wonder at what volume traffic needs to be to be making significant revenue. has anyone tried this before with even a modicum of success? why will resy succeed where others didn't? is the timing better for this?
Ben LeventhalMaker@benleventhal · CEO, Resy
@eriktorenberg The notion of selling premium reservations isn't new, although in the past the restaurants were excluded and solo shops essentially scalped tables. Some were explicit about it, others used the guise of being a "concierge." We like the timing, yes, as restaurants really have become a form of entertainment. Saturday night isn't dinner and a show anymore; it's just dinner. We're also hyper-focused on the experience of booking. We're starting with the most scarce inventory, but @Resy eventually grows to be much more. We want you to book on Resy as a matter of habit, because we're going to save you a ton of time, for one—and for lots of reasons you're just really going to like using the platform.
Dave Ambrose@daveambrose · Steadfast Venture Capital
One of my favorite apps here in NYC. Go team @resy!
Ben LeventhalMaker@benleventhal · CEO, Resy
@daveambrose Thanks, Dave!
Alex Iskold@alexiskold · Managing Director, Techstars NYC
@benleventhal Ben, great idea, great set of backers. Good luck!
Ben LeventhalMaker@benleventhal · CEO, Resy
@alexiskold Many thanks, Alex.
Spencer Schoeben@netspencer · College dropout working on something new
love this idea. can't wait until it scales to more cities.
Colin Devroe@cdevroe · Co-founder, Plain
"Get a table in two taps."
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt