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Wow, these do look really nice & the site is extremely well done. What do people think of the pricing? I think $23 for 6 months is fine. The wording is a little weird though. Validity? "One-time Payment - Six Months Validity"
@mscccc Thanks! Yeah, as I read it again now, the wording does seem unusual/weird :-). We will clean it up.
@HashNuke In resumes particularly of experienced professionals; it is more about substance and less about style. So, templates may not interest them. Do you provide any consultancy or custom prompts for 'resume writing tips' for substance, and not only for style?
@vingar Absolutely. The substance of a resume is definitely more important than its style. But, a well made resume whose layout prioritizes the right information helps an individual get past the initial screening. During the interview, it presents them as an organized and thoughtful individual with an eye for detail. The resume is part of applicant's "sales pitch", so why not make it attractive! Currently, we do not provide any consultancy or custom prompts for resume writing tips. However, we are considering ways on how we can help the users with the content of their resume.
@xaditya Your point is valid and I understand what resumonk provides. However, I felt that the bigger pain point of your target audience is 'lack of resume writing skills'. If resumonk can help them in their 'clarity of thought', that could be icing on the cake!
@vingar I agree with Vinish. I look at resumes all day, and while some formats look nicer than others, it's not much of a game-changer.
@nzieber Thanks for your comments, Nick. When you are going through a bunch of resumes, don't you spend a little bit of extra time on what seems like a well-made resume? The feedback we have received from a few hiring managers & recruiters has been that a clean & well-formatted resume always stands out for them.
@xaditya Yes, it definitely helps to have a clean looking resume and I would love it if more people used this format. However, I think we're hitting the tip of the iceberg and should do away with resumes in general in favor of skills. That being said, old habits die hard.
I was just thinking, is there a better product for hunting candidates? Slick resumes are a great start. Maybe @xaditya has some good ideas.
@nzieber One solution could be to highlight the expectations/aspirations of the candidate in a better way. Some employers do write excellent job descriptions and the qualities they are looking out for in their employees, but generally the reverse doesn't happen. If the employer can get an insight in to candidates's expectations, they can also make a better judgement on their 'fit' for them. Overall, there still are lots of things that can be done when it comes to matching right people with the right jobs.