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Hey there, Dylan here, founder of Qwilr (https://qwilr.com) - and creator of the Resumator. When I was just getting started as a freelance designer / engineer, I found it was tough to make an impression with my resume - Until I started creating resume websites. Then I got a lot more interviews and call backs. So I thought I'd make a way for folks to get something online and impressive in a really short amount of time. Enjoy!
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LinkedIn integration please!
@zainabiddin We were super keen on it, that was actually the original idea --- but when we got in contact with LinkedIn they said we couldn't :( Not allowed to use the API for creating resumes. (Which is kinda fair, since it is basically what LinkedIn is).
@dylanbaskind @zainabiddin Funny =)). I used at least two other products that make resumes from Linkedin API. Maybe they changed policy.
@hoandesign @zainabiddin Oh yeh, which ones? I'd love to see Resumator connect to LinkedIn...
@dylanbaskind @hoandesign @zainabiddin Well there's this product https://www.producthunt.com/tech..., they might have parsed it themselves perhaps? Though they do leverage LinkedIn api, they could've misdeclared their use case, if thats what you heard from them regarding their API :) Cool product btw!
This looks like a very simple resume generator... I put together one for Glasshole Kitty... You can see the two versions Elegant OR Creative 😻
@bentossell Thoroughly impressed. I would hire Glasshole Kitty. Excellent string playing credentials.
@nzieber @bentossell Strong hair-ball game. (PS: Nick I tried to email this along to a colleague of yours at Xpand, Amelia Clarke? I thought the Xpand job-seekers would get a kick out of it).
@dylanbaskind @bentossell Yes, Amelia is in Sydney! Happy to have a chat.
Really cool, and the simplicity is incredibly compelling. Highly recommend utilizing the Linkedin API to make it even easier
@ianthekid Heya Ian, ah we wanted to! But they don't allow resume creators to use the API (fair enough since it kinda competes with their core business).
Just finished using it and love it! My only issue is that it was a bit confusing editing - going back and forth between Resumator and Qwilr. Also, I tried to upload my own HD wallpaper as a background, but it didn't show up. Ended up using one of the stock ones. Regardless, very nicely done!
@beckerjs Yah, so the trade-off is that to get in there and get one's hands dirty with the editing and customisation, you need to signup for a Qwilr account. I thought about building more customisable options into the Resumator, but then figured I'd just be building a 2nd Qwilr :)