Responsive Viewer

View multiple screen dimensions in one view

#3 Product of the WeekNovember 18, 2019
A Chrome extension to show multiple screens in one view. the extension will help front-end developers to test multiple screens while developing responsive websites/applications.
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Super helpful! A good replacement for Sizzy for people like me who cannot afford it.
@kunalbodke Do you really can't afford $7 or you just don't wanna pay for other people products?
@brunolemos that's a little harsh. Sizzy's cheapest plan, for instance, is $7 per month or $60 a year. Nothing wrong with using an open source replacement if it does what you need it to do.
@brunolemos I meant to say I cannot justify paying for Sizzy. But I see how you look at people. So, my rational is since I am not reviewing coded designs every week or month. Our release cycles are quarterly.
@kunalbodke “I cannot justify based on my low usage” is a more honest take than “I can’t afford”. 👍
@brunolemos yeah, typed too fast, without thinking a lot about it. ;) I was just excited this thing is out there!
It's helpful for QA and front-end programmer
Awesome! Used it right away and love the ability to create new user agents. The one issue I ran into was the new screen I created was not saved. Once I closed the tab, went back to the web page I am working on and reopen the viewer the screen I added was no longer in the viewer. I had to recreate the screen again. This can become problematic when working on a project that is focusing on specific viewports that are not provided in the default list you provide.
@kwsim thanks for your review glad that you loved it, I will fix the other the reported bugs and let you know from this page.
Very nice @solaimankmail! Immediately put to use. Just one thing you may want to change - the page title is still called React App.
@emiledpretorius Thanks, I pushed a new version of the extension and it's under review , must be available in few days.
@solaimankmail awesome, I'll look out for the update.
While it could be useful for a quick review, the rendering could be really different in the actual device, especially in iOS Safari.
@vsotiris That's right, the extension depends on the user-agent to display the page since it's impossible to emulate other browser rendering engines without using third-parties or actual devices.