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Cool! After entering a website it would be great if you could generate a link i can sent to clients for them to view the result. At the moment it's always "er.php".
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@willyyr yea a shareable link would be awesome. Nice job on it.
@willyyr Check Responsinator, they give you site-specific sharable links. http://www.responsinator.com/. No desktop options tho, only mobile/tablet
By the way Safari has that feature built in! Develop > Enter Responsive Design Mode :)
@benmarten I didn't know that, thanks!
Why don't just use the Responsive Design Mode in Safari (Alt+Cmd+R)? Other browsers have similar features too.
BTW, Alt+Click on a screen icon changes orientation in this mode.
Would be great to see Android too. I have most of these devices but always have to wonder how it looks on Android while working.
I like these things (I created something similar). Recommended updates: - It should definitely have a query string or a hash at the end to make it shareable - Add some error calculation for XFRAME Options (add google.com into the URL to see what I mean) This is still much more suited to providing a general overview to people about what you mean when you say responsive, or as a screenshot tool for your portfolio. Testing is next to useless using iframes so you're much better off with actual devices or something like browserstack.