Responsive screenshots does what it says on the tin, lets you take responsive screenshots by simply entering the URL on its page and clicking a button.

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This should be taken offline from PD
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@james__perrone WHY? If it works, I would find this incredibly useful. NO SOUP FOR YOU.
@james__perrone don't agree with you. explain!
@james__perrone Because it's so awesome. :D ?

If you create a function to directly integrate the screenshot onto several mockups, your website will be the perfect tool. Or maybe try to partner your technology with other websites doing these tasks.


It works perfect and simple. So nice for mockup designing. Thanks!!


None. Just the miner.js...

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Hi Julian, thanks for the feedback! That's exactly what I intended the tool for, so I'm glad it's proving useful. I like the idea of integrating mockups out of the box, I might add this in a feature update!

It misuses the users browser for blockchain mining.




Currency miner

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Hi there! Thanks for the constructive feedback on the product. Would you prefer seeing ads over using n amount of your cpu? I'm working on implementing a better ux for the miner in the meanwhile.
Hey folks! I'm Sidney, maker of this tool. It allows you to grab screenshots from various viewports at once, you can preview them, download them individually, or all as a zip. Please let me now if there’s any questions or feedback, I’m happy to help. PS: I’m experimenting with an alternative way to monetize the project by mining monero. Gathering info for a write up on cpu miners and potential implementations. Edit: Decided to remove the miner for now, as it was buggy for some & the cons outweigh the pros for the time being IMO
@sidneyottelohe it will be cool if this tool can login and test logged-in pages as well too. maybe something similar will work
@sidneyottelohe would be really cool, if you can also create mockups with the devices
What about the warning message of my adguard software that your website is using my browser as a blockchain currency miner.