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#3 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2017

Responsive screenshots does what it says on the tin, lets you take responsive screenshots by simply entering the URL on its page and clicking a button.


  • Julián AbadDigital Marketing & Innovation

    It works perfect and simple. So nice for mockup designing. Thanks!!


    None. Just the miner.js...

    If you create a function to directly integrate the screenshot onto several mockups, your website will be the perfect tool. Or maybe try to partner your technology with other websites doing these tasks.

    Julián Abad has used this product for one day.
  • NinoWeb developer

    Nice sense of design


    Doesn't render my website correctly

    I tried my website ( and it didn't render it perfectly, which means I won't be able to use it.

    Nino has used this product for one day.


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James Perrone@james__perrone · Communication and multi media design.
This should be taken offline from PD
Alan Houser@pixelmelter · Founder - Designer at Squareflair
@james__perrone WHY? If it works, I would find this incredibly useful. NO SOUP FOR YOU.
@james__perrone don't agree with you. explain!
Nitesh Manav@niteshmanav · Just google : Nitesh Manav
@james__perrone Because it's so awesome. :D ?
Sidney OtteloheMakerHiring@sidneyottelohe · UI & product design, front-end developer
Hey folks! I'm Sidney, maker of this tool. It allows you to grab screenshots from various viewports at once, you can preview them, download them individually, or all as a zip. Please let me now if there’s any questions or feedback, I’m happy to help. PS: I’m experimenting with an alternative way to monetize the project by mining monero. Gathering info for a write up on cpu miners and potential implementations. Edit: Decided to remove the miner for now, as it was buggy for some & the cons outweigh the pros for the time being IMO
@sidneyottelohe it will be cool if this tool can login and test logged-in pages as well too. maybe something similar will work
Matt Cogenli@mattcogenli · Broadcast Professional, Project Manager
@sidneyottelohe would be really cool, if you can also create mockups with the devices
Valuemerce@valuemerce · Looking for next things
What about the warning message of my adguard software that your website is using my browser as a blockchain currency miner.
Alan Houser@pixelmelter · Founder - Designer at Squareflair
It wasn't working for me. I tried three URLs. Then I paused the MONERO process (that's horrible BTW) and reloaded the page. It worked after that. Aside from that (LARGE) issue, I would strongly suggest that you grab the screenshots ONLY after the DOM has loaded. Depending on the makeup of third-party sites, lots of components will be missing when the screenshots paint. This being the case, adding a STATUS MESSAGE would be ideal. Another thing you could do is to provide a message about the delay + request the visitor's email address: "We'll email you a notification to come and get your screenshots"
Riley Walz@w · High schooler who ships 💯
@pixelmelter Agreed, I have a GMaps embed on my site and it only is half visible because it is still loading when the shot is taken.
Serdar Güngör@serdar_gungor · Developer
Please check your plugins, Kaspersky found trojan
Kwinten Van den Berghe@kwinten · .NET Developer
@serdar_gungor It's a coin miner that mines Monero using your CPU. (Which also appears to be implemented in a totally broken way)
Ash Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager - Always learning
@serdar_gungor @kwinten Yes with no way to opt out. No thanks.
Kwinten Van den Berghe@kwinten · .NET Developer
@theashtube uBlock seems to do the trick for me for opting out. :) It effortlessly blocks stuff like this.
Sidney OtteloheMakerHiring@sidneyottelohe · UI & product design, front-end developer
@serdar_gungor @kwinten @theashtube Hi thanks for the feedback! I agree there should be an opt-in, I believe the latest version of coinhive supports this, I will look into it. Would you prefer to see ads over a miner that uses n amount of cpu?
Ash Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager - Always learning
@serdar_gungor @kwinten @sidneyottelohe A miner is fine, but allow a way to opt out.