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#4 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2019
Have you ever struggled with responsive images and image speed?
Our plugin will automatically resize, compress and deliver responsive images over CDN to accelerate your web or mobile application. Provide us with the master image, we take care of the rest!
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Any simple way to integrate this with wordpress?
@itsshashank thank you for asking. There is a plugin for Wordpress: it allows the use of Cloudimage in wp but, unfortunately, does not provide the automated responsive design yet.
Hello Product Hunters, We are introducing the newest feature in Cloudimage optimization and acceleration service! Implementing responsive images is a must-have for web or mobile applications to load fast, improve user experience and increase conversion. To implement responsive images following modern trends, ideally you would: in the BACK-END 1. Resize and generate multiple image formats for different screen size 2. Optimize JPEG, PNG and GIF compression 3. Deliver via CDN in the FRONT-END 1. Include and manage all image sources according to device pixel ratio 2. Efficiently lazy load images to accelerate initial page loading time 3. Use the “progressive loading” or "blur up" technique or a ”traced placeholder” SVG/low-quality image to show a preview of the image while it loads 4. Hold the image position, so your page does not jump while images load The Cloudimage Responsive plugin will automate both! Implement one of our JS, Angular or React plugins on your web or mobile application to enjoy optimized image delivery based on image container size and device pixel ratio. The plugins support the lazy load with all the fancy animation. A cherry on the cake: all images are delivered over CDN and rocket fast all around the world 🚀🚀🚀! You are welcome to use our FREE plan for smaller projects. 3 features, 1 plugin. All our plugins are open source so feel free to implement it in your projects!
@mmatuzas looks like a useful tool. How is this different from imgix or thumbor?
@evgeniy_chernyshov Thank you for your question. Both are great services. The difference is that we provide a fully automated process (both Front-End and Back-End) — no need to spend time figuring out the best image sizes for your design layout. Responsive plugins detect the best size and using Cloudimage service provide you the best match for each image separately. Also, we do not charge per transformation, and there can be an unlimited number of domains to fetch your images. New features are coming out (support of background images, smart crop and more).

This product was very useful for me.


It's a good idea, good product! very useful! good luck! 👍😀


Nothing to say

Do it yourself and avoid yet the 99th subscription service just to run a website. Use free plugs that do the same. Avoid.
@androidlove these plugins are free. Digital asset management services are made for websites and products that are heavy with images and needs to optimize it to loads faster for visitors and saves resources for the company so you do not have to develop and maintain complex infrastructure. This is what we are doing.