Respond Flow is the Mailchimp of SMS. It allows bussinesses to connect with their customers through automated text messages, personalized to make them feel like a person and not a number on a list.
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👋👋Hey Product Hunt, We’re working to create a Text Message Marketing Software that: ✨Is accessible✨ -A no-code solution that even our parents could use (literally 😂). -Designed to make it easy to manage service requests over text (think intercom but with SMS). -Comes with a mobile app that allows users to respond on the go. 🚀Designed to help local businesses grow🚀 -Personalize every mass text wave with your customers’ information to make it feel like you hand-typed each text. -Curate lists of contacts based on customers on and offline behavior. Retarget them later with text waves that truly resonate with them. -Automate your follow-up with flows that let you guide your customers through text campaigns as unique as they are. 📱Centralize marketing meets localize service📱 -Allow users to claim one or many local 10-digit numbers so that every storefront, sales rep, or employee can have their own designated number. -Group your numbers and send text waves through them to your local customers. Allow your local teams to handle the inbound service texts. 🦄 Enhanced by artificial intelligence (NLP)🦄 -ai that helps businesses understand the emotional impact of their text messages and to connect with their customers. We’re inching closer to achieving some of these goals more than others, but we are excited that what we have made to date has helped countless businesses increase their sales, re-connect with their customers, and has made a difference for a few during COVID. If you have any questions you can text us at (918) 248-6020
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@martinllien Hi Martin, I made a quick screencast narrating my thoughts on your product. Mainly the landingpage. If you're interested in a a user test, check it out! :)
Main piece of feedback: I'd really like to see an interface or demo video of how one would yous Respond Flow. All in all, looks like a real useful product. Also like the tagline a lot. (Although some businesses may not know mailchimp). Cheers! Jibran
@jelani_abdus_salaam Thank you so much Jelani!
@askjibran Thank you so much for taking the time to review and make that screencast! I am so happy you like the tag line! And we will definitely try our best to make an interface demo video, I agree that would be very useful for prospecting users.
@martinllien Happy to help! Good luck! 🚀
Thing was fun to build. :)
@austin_graham Couldn't have done it without you man! :)
Love it! Had an extremely helpful conversation with Peter who was patiently helping me work through my specific use case. Customer service = 5 stars.
@billflitter I'm so happy to hear that, Peter's the best!! Thank you so much for the support!
I honestly think text marketing will be the way of the future. However, I’d be curious to hear what makes you guys difference from other competitors in the field like Clicksend?
@kruksharita I’m so happy you feel the same way! And the biggest difference is our focus on what we call “human” automations. We're not trying to be a chatbot. All texts come from a local 10-digit phone number that the customer can text back and call directly to and get connected with an actual business representative. From the customers point of view there is virtually no difference from the business owner taking time out of their day to write up the text message and it being automatically triggered through Respond Flow.
Your personalization features look pretty solid. Would be awesome if we could have more than 1 custom dynamic field in the starter plan.
@ericahal Thank you so much for the support Erica! And thank you for the feedback, we will definitely take that to heart for our Starter Plan!