Start a podcast without recording a thing

#5 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2020
🎙Create a podcast, without recording a thing.
Produce your next podcast simply by typing the content and Resoundly will convert it to speech and host your podcast. No more microphones, audio software or even re-recording your mistakes.
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Woah. Had I not stuck around for the voice snippet at 1:19 in the video, I would have overlooked this. The voice used to narrate the video is greatly misleading compared to what the product offers. Might want to consider changing that! Love it otherwise. 👏
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@patrick_robinson sorry would you mind clarifying, do you mean the voice narrating the video was a bad choice? A better choice would have been the one from 1:19?
@patrick_robinson @mcnamee_ yes, at least that was my reaction. When I heard the narrator from the video it's very robot-sounding. My immediate reaction was, "oh, I wouldn't want my podcast to sound like that." The voice at 1:19 sounds much more realistic/authentic.
@patrick_robinson yeah...what the? 1:19 is powerful as heck! Put a snippet right up front! “Here’s what a snippet of popular (made up) podcast XYZ. Jk. That was actually a resoundly-made podcast. Neat, ey? Type, add media like jingles, concert to audio, and bang. Try it today.” Powerful looking software. Trying it out tonight. A lot of people love the podcast host(s). Maybe not what this product is good for (example being a newsflash makes more sense), but the snippet’s voice was human. The narration of the demo video is 2005-y and makes the viewer think resoundly will create a crappy, non-human sounding podcast. But that’s not the case it looks like!!
@patrick_robinson @maxogles really valuable feedback! Thank you
👋Hi, I'm excited to be launching Resoundly. I'm a keen podcast consumer and advocate. But I was surprised to learn how much (time, money and human resources) goes into creating, producing and distributing each episode. Consider the content creation, recording, re-recording (mistakes), production, editing, compressing, uploading, distributing... This produces great results in a lot of cases, but it isn't for everyone. Resoundly's mission to to make the process of creating a podcast, as easy as simply writing the content. This will (🤞) open the podcasting medium up to an even bigger catalogue of quality insights by brilliant people. I don't believe it'll replace the high quality audio productions we currently enjoy today. But it can serve under-represented use cases such as: - Local news outlets to distribute their (already) written content - Educators (teachers, lecturers) to provide material over an audio feed - Company audio newsletters - Bloggers to offer their written content in an extra medium - Onboarding documentation as a supplementary source Synthetic voices are realistically still in their infancy and will continue to improve. But I believe they're at such a high quality already, that makes Resoundly ready to ship. I'm an independent developer from Australia. I've got a feature list for Resoundly that continues to grow. I'd love to hear your thoughts - be it encouragement or areas to improve.
@mcnamee_ Would there be any way you can automatically create an audio version of our blog via RSS? (How do you handle the ready of titles and subtitles? Images?)
@jeroen_corthout great thought. It’s definitely on the roadmap, but unfortunately not a feature right now. I’d likely consider it more of a way to import and get started with episodes, but I imagine it would require the user to login and fine tune the audio output.
Good luck on the launch
@stevendixonn thanks for the encouragement
Kewl! In this erarbud era this could be really promising and useful.
Hey @mcnamee_ , awesome idea! Do you only support english spoken content for now? And if not, which languages to you support? Best of luck for the launch :)
@benoit_groowster Currently only English, I'm sorry. But the plan is to build out additional languages. Thank for sharing your support!