Easy to use online image editor

#5 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2018

ResizePixel is a free image editor to crop, resize, flip, rotate and convert image online. Upload an image, apply tools and download the result image in three steps. Supports desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

A lot of online editors try to do too much at once and end up with a bad user experience. This one's different. I like how simple it is with the essentials of photo editing. I can imagine using this for editing product screenshots for webpages or other online publishing. Nice work!
@s_narmadhaa Thanks for your feedback
Nice lightweight product. For me, I'd like to see an align feature, but would have no problem recommending it to someone.
what is its difference?
@igityan_hayarpy It's all about simplicity and support of different screen size devices.
Nice tool that I will be adding to my resources for my students in their visual marketing classes. Would love to see an undo option to undo the last action - I know you can revert to the original version. Also perhaps you can add the correct formats for sizes for Instagram/Facebook stories 9:16 and also a size that is the optimum for Pinterest portrait images
@krishnade Indeed having an option to revert the last action would be useful so I will put it in my todo list. Regarding 9:16 - just rotate the image, use 16:9 (which is available now) and rotate back to the original. In the future there will be an option to swap dimensions (9:16 or 16:9) without rotating. If I'm not mistaken, Pinterest uses 800 x 1200 images which is 2:3. 3:2 + rotation can be used for now . If you are interested in any other proportions just let me know it can be easily implemented. Thanks for your contribution.
@resizepixel Thanks for taking the time to reply - you might want to reference on the dashboard the different sizes that work for different social platforms to help users as they do on Canva and Adobe Spark etc
@krishnade Different social platform sizes have been implemented. Thank you.
@resizepixel Terrific - that makes it really easy for people to use - I have included it in my resources for my workshop this next week - thanks for making the update!