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Reshuffle is the place to share and find live open source code in seconds. Build faster, create better apps, and run anywhere. In this release, Reshuffle extends the React framework, making it easy to build, share, and run fullstack apps.
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Hello PH community! Coming to you live from Reshuffle HQ in the Bay Area, California. I’m Amir Shevat and I’m one of the founders of Reshuffle, the place to share, find, and run live open source code in seconds. Before Reshuffle I spent more than 10 years working with developers all around the world at Google, Slack, and Twitch. We are developers and love developers, our mission is to empower developers to be more productive and creative. We’re starting by tackling the pain of building and sharing fullstack web apps. Building fullstack apps takes countless hours or even days of non-creative work, such as configuring servers and databases, dealing with maintenance, and writing boilerplate code. We think it doesn't have to be so hard. Reshuffle projects start from live templates. With a single click, you can run any template in your own private sandbox, and figure out if it's right for you. Click again to "Remix" the template into your own app, download the code, and start building. Within seconds you have a new app, already configured and running on the cloud. This is much faster than the hours (or sometimes days) it could take to find the right code on GitHub and get it deployed and running. This is possible because Reshuffle apps include everything they need in order to run: frontend, backend, and data. As developers, we are very passionate about building Reshuffle to be the open source repository and runtime for live code. We are just getting started, and some things might still be raw or missing. You can help us by telling us what is missing and what you love. We will be here in Product Hunt all day :) Join our community, find great templates to use for your next React app, and share your templates with other developers at - Thanks again for checking out Reshuffle and if you have any questions please reach out to me at:
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This seems awesome, and I like the value of starting from a working template. But I want to use Vue and Django/Flask. Any plans to support that?
@ronreiter Yes! We want to be framework agnostic and plan to support all the popular frontend and backend framework. see our roadmap here -
Hey @ronreiter! Our idea was to start with a very narrow beam focus on React. It was the fastest way for us to deliver tangible value to a specific set of users. As we progress, we will open up the service to more frameworks (Vue, Django) and more platforms (mobile).
Love seeing this live since our chat a while back, @ashevat. This is giving me Glitch vibes but for a different market (from what I've gathered). I know it's early but what's been the biggest learning or surprise?
@rrhoover Thank you! We love Glitch and what they are doing. Yes, we are joining the Remix movement, but for production workloads. Our biggest learnings so far are 1) Developers are super collaborative and willing to try and help and give you pages of feedback. You just need to ask nicely. 2) It is very hard to build simple flows, it sounds counterintuitive but it is so true!
@ashevat @rrhoover Building a platform that enables humans to collaborate is much harder than building distributed computer platforms. Humans are harder than machines. Also way more interesting!
This is awesome, congratulations guys!
Can I add this to an existing react project? I couldn't find that option.
@alon_rabinovich We don't have an import option built in yet. The easiest way would be to start with the Blank Template ( and add your code to that. It's basically a create-react-app project. We are working on making this even easier. You can follow our public roadmap here: