Tons of uniquely free stock photos. Handpicked & non-stocky

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 28, 2018

Reshot is a massive library of handpicked free stock photos you won’t find elsewhere. Built for startups, freelancers & makers who are sick of tacky stock photos. Free to use commercially and editorially--no attribution required.

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With prejudice, I thought this would have same photos as Unsplash. But I was presently surprised when it returned some really great photos for some keywords. Great job guys and I'm sorry for the judging.
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@saifalfalah I appreciate the honest comment and really happy we could surprise you. Yep, we have lots of fresh content you won’t find on Unsplash.
@kevinfremon Can't wait to try it for my next project
@saifalfalah right on! As you use the product and have feedback, please do let me know.
@kevinfremon I'm curious though, what was your motivation behind starting Reshot?
Really pumped to be featured here on ProductHunt. Big thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us. Over the past 60 days we’ve been hard at work bringing Reshot to life. Both Tyler and I would love for you to take and let us know what you think. All and any feedback welcome! The more critical and detailed the better! We’re around and would love to hear from ya.
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This is going to immediately go on my list of websites for photography search.


The photos seems really well curated. Where did they all come from?!


None that I can see so far.

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Thank you for the review! I really appreciate it. A large majority of the photos were generously given by photographers from the Twenty20 community.
Cute... clone! Must be flattering for the @Unsplash team.
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@rossblankenship The @Unsplash team is a talented bunch and we have definitely admired and been inspired by their minimalistic design aesthetic. Happy you noticed!
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@unsplash @kevinfremon Thank you for your transparency! I am 100% sure there's room for others in this space and hope you are able to in some way credit anything that comes from Unsplash. Good luck with everything!
@rossblankenship 100% Transparency is part of our manifesto as you’ll see here. I appreciate the support and kind wishes!
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Who doesnt need more photo options!




None so far

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Right on! Thank you for the review. Much appreciated. :)