Resemble Clone can create the audio track for an immersive VR experience, an animated film, generate an entire audiobook, or power the voice of an Alexa Skill. Resemble AI solves the scalability problems that creatives face when creating speech content.
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Hi PH! Thanks for the hunt Chris! πŸ‘‹ I'm the co-founder behind Resemble, a service that let's you clone your own voice and converts written content to human-like audio using state-of-the-art AI. We're still early, but we've opened up our voice cloning platform to the public, so we're excited to see what creative uses come out. It's free to clone your voice, so make sure you don't miss out on the magic. We're also very big on open source, and we've created Resemblyzer to help analyze voices and tackle deep fakes: I would love to hear your feedback! 😁
Jai MareddyEntrepreneur
@zohaibahmed How are you guys currently collecting user feedback? I'd love to talk to someone within your startup about that workflow!
@mareddyjai You can email me directly or feel free to ping us on intercom if you're on the website.
Vinay RajagopalTechnical Program Manager @Amazon
Any differentiators when compared to
David Iwanow
Global Search & Traffic Manager @ Danone
@vinayrajagopal Descript seems better value for money
Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Careful. What are the terms and conditions? Can they use your voice? Can it be removed from their db? If you are in a leadership position, you should make sure your employees can't be influenced with this etc.
Hi All - I am the maker of Resemble AI. Excited about the future of voice and look forward to hearing your feedback.
Alex NewmanMinister of Derp
Site's down, Product Hunt's notification got ya'lls server 😳
@thedotmack Best hug of death ever :) back up now.
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