RescueTime for Slack

Automatically update your team with what you’re focused on

Automatically see what your team is working on and let others know when you’re focused - Create custom statuses (with emoji!) for your most common tasks - Automatically trigger DND when you're focusing on meaningful work.
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Hey everyone! I'm Jory (from RescueTime) and I'm super excited to share our new Slack integration with you all. Like many remote teams, we use Slack for pretty much everything. It’s our water cooler, conference room, and place to share updates. But while it’s an amazing tool for keeping in touch, it can be difficult to know if your casual Slack message is going to destroy someone's focus or knock them out of deep work. With this new integration, you not only get to “see” what your teammates are working on but also protect your own focus when you need it most by automatically going into DND mode when you’re working on your most meaningful tasks. (We like to think of it like changing your Slack channel from an open office to a corner suite!) If you’re a RescueTime Premium user, you can add the integration today. If you're not and you’d like to give it a try, get 30% off a new account when you sign up at
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@jorymackay congrats on all the work you do! Your articles are top stuff
Hi everyone! We built RescueTime for Slack as an internal tool several months ago because we wanted to solve a problem that was really bothering us–how do you stay connected as a remote team without completely screwing up people's focus? We realized that since RescueTime is able to know what category we're currently focused on, it made sense to use it to manage our status in Slack. After a few days of using it, we realized it really felt like a missing piece of Slack for us. I'm excited to hear what others think about it. Happy to answer any questions!
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Wow. Great! Always using RescueTime.
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Looks like a great way to enhance Slack!
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Really cool product! This can really enhance productivity in the workplace. Would have liked to have a free trial period though!
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@rishika_sekhar Our billing system isn't set up for free trials on upgrades (we're working on adding this capability), but if you contact support ( we can help get you set up so you can try it out.